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  • dabmu dabmu Oct 16, 2001 1:39 PM Flag

    whean are earnings?

    Doesn't matter when earnings come out - look what you can buy for less than $3 now:

    Book Value (mrq) $4.29
    Earnings (ttm) $0.58
    Earnings (mrq) $0.35
    Sales (ttm) $19.91
    Cash (mrq) $4.13

    This is one of the cheapest piles of cash anywhere in the market - and it is sitting on top of a profitable business!

    I backed up the truck in MAXF and may add more unless someone knows some bad news holding the stock down.

    I did the same in LPAC when it was trading under $2. Check the share price today.

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    • You are so right. Thank-you.

      • 1 Reply to yjt654
      • The market seems to be forgetting the basic facts about MAXF:

        Euro Brokers further stated that it has received expressions of support from virtually its entire customer base, and while it was not currently possible to predict the time frame in which it might be able to return to prior levels of revenues or profitability, there are a number of factors it believes are highly positive:

        Prior to the terrorist attack, Euro Brokers had a strong cash position and very little debt. Its capital adequacy to conduct its businesses remains sufficient, and its primary lender has confirmed the continued availability of its credit line.
        The Company was well-insured, maintaining high levels of both personal property insurance and business interruption insurance, which should adequately fund the rebuilding effort.
        The Company's critical books and records, including accounting records and trading records, were electronically backed-up off-site on Monday, September 10th, as part of a regular disaster recovery planning procedure, and are in the process of being re-transferred into a replicated environment.
        The Company's screen systems, middle office system and its Tradesoft� electronic trading platform, together with their underlying software, have all been preserved and will be used in and available for rebuilding the firm's infrastructure.
        The Company's London, Tokyo and other worldwide locations can operate largely independent of New York, and have done so over the past week.