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  • dabmu dabmu Apr 15, 2002 2:30 PM Flag


    Let's compare MAXF execs with hedge fund managers. The Yahoo profile page shows about $2m going to MAXF's top executives. We know they made after-tax earnings of $9 million last year; the pre-tax earnings were $11.9 million.

    Now, a hedge fund manager takes 20% of the profits his fund makes. Looks like the top guys at MAXF took just less than 20%.

    As for stock options, many hedge fund guys have their own money in their funds. If they make 40% for their clients, they get a 40% bonus themselves. The situation is not exactly comparable but it's close enough in my mind.

    Bottom line, MAXF executives aren't making out any better than other professional money managers on the Street. As long as they keep succeeding, they have my vote.

    There is my pump for the day.