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  • psft99x psft99x May 13, 2002 9:48 AM Flag

    Sell at the News

    Earning report is not so good. The sell-off this morning should bring this stock under $6 near term. I expect to see this morning trading between $5.50 and $6.50 for a while.

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    • Look at the size of the bids all the way down to 6 and the way the MMs swooped on the ask under 6.30.

      They are playing the usual games and ripping off the retail guys with stop loss orders on a volatile day. Otherwise no reason not to see 7's again this week.

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      • Why are they not buying stock back yet??? Wait until the new business unit is in full swing, start buying then and inflate the price for option selling opportunity?? Or is price here just too high?? Saving money for further large bonuses. Selling today shaking weak hands?? Must be lots of skiitish investors in this great company. 27 P/E potential new busines unit?? Show storng conviction after earning to get there. Would have been nice not to accept 1 mil. bonus and give some or all to charity fund rather than take form cash. Might have shown better faith in future growth. Cash is there just for managements benefit??? Time will tell.

      • too much volume now to support stock price! Dose management think price is to high for buyback? Million dollar bonus is almost all Q1 net rev.Is that a bad thing!!! Broke some good support this morning, will it close above the 660 mark today??? Not voting for stock option plan this year or until rev stream is established in new business. Will MAX support stock price here???

    • if you can read an earnings report than you know this one is fantastic.