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  • irbbping irbbping Mar 3, 2004 11:32 PM Flag


    Nothing like some earnings to bring out some activity on the board. I have been around here a day or two and in and out of this stock a time or two and am currently long and guys I appreciate all the positive thoughts but if this thing isn't down at least a buck tomorrow I'm a monkey's uncle ( I guess that expression dates me a bit). You do not show quarter over comparable quarter decreased earnings in this market and not pay the price, I don't care what the book value or the prospects are. It just does not happen. The real decision is whether to sell take your lumps, hold for higher or buy more if it really gets creamed. Their revenues are weak and their costs are rising. Last time the excuse was the Japan office, this time its Europe, perhaps the real problem is here in the good old USA with the high salaries and perks offered. The only positive that I can see at this point is there does not appear to be alot of stock options being doled out at exercisable prices at this point.