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  • bot_feeder bot_feeder Feb 6, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    data traffic

    Of course, data traffic will go way up, that is not subject to dispute.

    For example, we had the old what was it 420 or something lines of video for decades. We did go from black and white to color but for decades we had the same #$%$ resolution.

    I believe my cable carrier broadcasts in 1080i. Those existing hd formats including 1080p are not going to last all that long. Everyone is going to demand ultra high def.

    In the days when stereos were a big part of our consumer electronics world, aficionados would tout one receiver over another based on alleged superior in the purity of the signal. But that always struck me as splitting hairs because even a cheap receiver produced excellent sound quality.

    In contrast, the benefits of higher def in video are vividly evident on the screen. The 1080i looks way better projected on a wall than low def. But the fuzziness associated with the granularity of the video is still glaringly obvious. It is obvious how much higher quality a picture ultra high def would be compared to what we have now. Since the technology is rapidly advancing to be able to provide that affordably to the ordinary consumer, I can't see what can stop it from progressing rapidly.

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