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  • blin.farg blin.farg Jul 7, 2009 1:22 PM Flag

    Irritated Dawg

    The company has not repositioned itself, they're no different than the day before the press release. The saying something doesn't make it so. Second, they aren't growing, they've made sales but they've also lost placements, you should always ask for the net, not the increase. Hayden's comments are just words, notice any metrics? anything he can be held to in the future, any example of substantive change? Saying they aren't in the same "industry" as banks, ATM's are electronic transaction machines not ATM's? What functionality did they add? what new relationship did they sign? The company, with some changes, is still a good company but this is not the time for a stock pumper.

    The company, no make that the speculators, are tired and want the stock to jump to 20 times earnings. Wrong attitude. They should stay conservative, pay down debt, offer or create new services and place machines, increase earnings and real investors will move in.

    Ps.until the debt is paid the question will still be asked and the story will be told continuing the spectre of risk and creating investor uneasyness around a solid business.

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    • Why is it "wrong" to market our company in an appropriate, respectful way? To argue against it is just ludicrous. It's like you all are PATSIES or something. The Street is just like the grocery store. Companies have to compete for "sizzle" value. The risk to a company is that if it "promotes" itself, and then has a horrible story, the class action lawyers come in. The FACT that GAXC is willing to hire an IR firm shows that the near and intermediate term future is BRIGHT.....which is just one more reason to buy the stock.

      I thought about "taking" as much as the market would offer at 44 cents, but somebody else did that today, and my excess capital is pretty light right now, with recent market declines.

      I'm thinking we could see 60-65 cents, frankly, in the next market rebound. Market has been weak, and NO sellers have been coming in here. That's a good sign!

      If you compare GAXC to the other two public players, TRMM and Cardtronics, they are DRAMATICALLY outperforming....and they deserve to be recognized for it. There is a story to be told, facts to be presented....AND THEY OUGHT BE PRESENTED, since the Street is still considerably mispricing this security, IMHO.

      I EXPECT my management team to care about that, and the board and executives have my full support in their choices.

      REMEMBER: A higher stock price means the possibility of using it as a currency, the possibility of getting listed on Nasdaq and getting MORE visiblity and a higher multiple, etc., etc. It's a "virtuous cycle"!...and I'm pleased to see a management team of a "sleepy" OTCBB stock willing and understanding the need to be PROACTIVE about that.

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      • Longtime, I appreciate your opinion though it differs from my own. I suspect you may be correct, that they have, in fact hired a PR/IR firm because they anticipate good news coming...... new contracts, etc continued improved financials. If that is the case, it is good news that they hired a firm. My opinion, however, is that the good news when it comes and the continued improved financials will raise the stock price without the actions of an IR/PR firm. All this dude is gonna do is soak up thousands of dollars of cash to ride up a stock which is going up anyway. I do not believe it ultimately adds any value. Most savvy investors will not pay any attention to whatever the dude does. So ultimately what he attracts is unsavvy investors. I am more interested in selling to the unsavvy investors in a couple years at about $5.

    • Like blin said, they are in such less than average condition that they should really delist and not put out any news at all for quite some time. No news is good news.

      And when the ATM industry ultimately collapses, the shareholders will be holding the bag.

      What does everyone think about this ?

      Just my best guess,

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