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  • dickmilde dickmilde Oct 23, 2010 8:42 PM Flag

    Louis Navellier

    Louis Navellier is one of the most respected and successful investment advisers. A large part of his success is a result of the methodology that he uses to grade and rate stocks. Almost every known stock that trades above an average of 5000 shares per day is in his vast data base that crunches numbers 24/7 comparing known facts so that the cream of the crop is filtered out from all the junk. He measures many attributes and grades each of them so that the top 5% of the universe is identified. From this top 5% he selects those stocks that meet the guide lines and criteria for the 4 investment services that he makes available for investors. Stocks are selected for his Blue Chip Growth portfolio, as well as his Emerging Growth Portfolio, the Global Growth as well as his Quantum Growth edition. Some of his investment letters are priced at $5000 per year.

    Subscribers to any of his services are given access to his Portfolio Grader which provides the result of the eight most important measurements that his proprietary software produces on over 5000 stocks. This allows investors to compare various stocks for consideration to include in a portfolio. The data base is updated once a week so the results are always current and represent the latest information that is available for every stock. The nice thing about this type of grading system is that all stocks are treated equally and compared to each other using identical criteria. There are no "story" stocks... Only facts. The Navellier system of evaluating stocks is not perfect but, it's very good... He is not biased by company CEOs, he does not have any investment banking relationships... His subscribers are his income so there are no conflicts of interest. Some people have said that he "front runs" his subscriber base... I have not seen any evidence of that.

    The previous poster said that Navellier added MDF to his Quantum Growth Report... I don't know... I subscribe to the Emerging Growth but, MDF is his style so it seems likely.


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    • DM , thanks for the info.
      That is very encouraging to see some big shot investment adviser took notice on MDF (and a positive one too)

    • I bought into quantum because they picked my largest holding LPH with the same pattern. As soon as the letter was sent, extended hours took off, even though he says don't do that.
      I could not afford to not know what he was saying about my core holding so I signed up at least for one Qtr. LPH did take off the following Monday, and drifted lower week, however it has not filled the gap from that Monday.

      Looking at his list of 19 stocks, the oldest pick was made 5/21/10 so I am deducting that he will dump MDF in less than a year, depending on it's performance. He will also revisit a past winner.

      And BTW, each fund is $5000, they sent me cut price on the Growth fund within 2 days of me buying the Quantum.
      I will say a subscriber if it pays for itself. It's that simple.

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      • I was a Quantum subscriber when it was first offered a few years back... I did not renew because the pace was much faster than my comfort level. It's very easy to get "whipsawed" using Quantun Growth. Like you said, his oldest holding is from May. Anyway, I like Emerging Growth better because it fits my intermediate term style a little better. Quantum selections change weekly, Emerging Growth change monthly... This usually gives me an entry point after the initial rush. For example, buying MDF on Monday morning is going to be more expensive.

        LPH looks like a good stock to own provided the China small cap sector has hit bottom. Right now China is trying to slow down their economy, never a good sign. Take a look at SLP, my largest holding... Squeaky clean balance sheet with management like none other. They make predictive software for the drug discovery industry... Almost all top 20 pharmas use them, as well as the FDA. The brute force drug discovery methods are phasing out... The future will be highly dependent on using software for discovery. There has actually been a case where the FDA gave a company a pass on doing trials because results were presented that came from an SLP software application.