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  • bushinatorxxx bushinatorxxx Nov 22, 2006 2:41 PM Flag

    Why the Treehuggers will fail...


    It's more about getting a big house and driving a big car. That shows your a success.
    So long Treehuggers. Get lost.

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    • Big house and a big car and your a success? And calling us tree huggers? Man I'm hurt.

      I'm tempted to say this is a Texas thing about tree huggers verses oil, big houses and big cars but I know a lot of people from Texas so I know better. Just proves there are morons everywhere.

      If someone asked about my success, my material possessions such as my house and car aren't anywhere near the top of the list. You are missing the point.

      And yes us tree huggers shall pollute the earth with solar arrays and you can stick with your nodding donkeys.

    • You can always tell the people who shorted and didn't cover in time.

    • which Treehuggers are you referring to? if you mean the people who actually hug trees, well of course they will fail, because they were never even trying.

      a big house and a big car don't mean a thing if you can't really afford to pay for them. unless housing prices level off soon, you are gonna begin to see many people who have both a big house and a big car living in a small apartment and taking the bus.

      but all the 'treehuggers' who bought solar stocks and alt. energy stocks in the last few months will do quite well, IMO. and if we would have listened to them sooner, we would have saved ourselves some $$$ on gas last summer and had some slightly better air to breathe in our urban areas.

    • Learn some proper grammar before you post, you idiot. You meant to write, "you're", which means "you are". You obviously are not much of a success, at least in terms of education (which is really what matters, more than your stupid idea of a big house and a big car being the definition of success). You obviously are a Bush supporter...idiot.

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