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  • stan91724 stan91724 Mar 27, 2008 12:29 PM Flag

    Thoughts on TA and STP???

    Just hit the top of the BB bands and backed off...Just a first test...The slower it moves up the better for long term shareholders..The bottom of the gap is resistance at 40.38 and once inside the gap 44.90...

    The 20 50 ema cross is the first real buy signal for some fund managers...We are about 2 weeks away and the 50ema is at the top of the gap...A very powerful up move could come after that...I love this chart to the upside...


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    • That is an accurate analysis IMO. A lot can happen in the interim but it is in a bull swing at least for now. I will be interested to see where the near term bottom tests. After such a strong run I am looking for some pull back but I've been wrong before on bull swings with solars. Last big run got absolutely stupid before we had a signifigant correction. With the broad market jitters even a little bad news could break it down again.

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      • Hey Liquid...All we needed to do is hold above 38.16 which is yesterdays high...Just over an hour till the close but very impressed so far...The fact that oil hasn't broken down is also a plus...The 1 min 3min & 5 min charts all broke down iterday from a daytraders perspective but the funds are buying this on pullbacks so far...I follow volume as well and today I would love to see it above the 10.400 range or basically above tuesdays...A higher bar if you will...

        T Boone pickens came on and said that America needs to free up Nat Gas to put in cars...The stop gap solution is wind & solar for now...The nukes are 10 years out...

        I may have more than 10 shares...Call me a liar if ya want...At least the board is fun...Lotsa juice in the options on both side...

        Good luck

    • I agree...I am a long term holder here (09 timeframe)

      Fundamentally -

      1. Their new Pluto products will add to GM around 2H '09. The formal product launch announcement should help the move to the upside

      2. Spending their borrowed cash to acquire poly supply should also help. Although, I did not like the way they managed the debt offering with the street - i.e. they should have better communicated that during the earnings call rather than surprise the street a week+ later with the offering.

      3. If the Govt (US) helps with increasing the subsidy terms and other foreign Governments also adopt some form of green strategy that could be could for STP and its ilk.

      Just my thoughts....

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      • <<.I am a long term holder here (09 timeframe)

        I'm glad you explained what you meant by long term holder.

        After perusing this board the past few months, it appears the idea of long term hold is now "more than 3 days" based on the client base of STP "investors"

        Not that there is anything wrong with that but its simply daytrading school.

        Still support Chairmans short at $38 and think it will work out for him.

        But from a purely human perspective I am always fascinated by the turn from fear to greed on these boards. Luckily humans are a very hopefully bunch - otherwise the stock market would probably be 30% lower.

        Even TSL board suddenly has people coming out of the woodwork! You know greed has returned.

        Unfortunately in bear, greed gets killed. Be careufl.

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