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  • wheizer wheizer Jun 26, 2008 12:50 PM Flag

    Investment truths

    Several who have posted "woe is my and my portfolio" earlier definitely need to read this interesting article from Ben Stein. I remember listening to his show several years ago on the Comedy Channel. I would label him a philosophical humorist.

    Here is an excerpt from the article "I do not know for sure, but historically, the time to buy any stock or sector is when it has been clobbered.

    It would be surprising if that were not true this time, too. I do not know this for sure because I do not know the future. But I do know the past, and I think this goes to the heart of the question my correspondent raised. If you know the economic past pretty well, you will also have a pretty good idea of the economic future."

    My only regret of having bot STP a month ago (which added to my position" was that I didn't wait until now so that I could have invested a little less. In the long run STP will shine.

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    • Hi - great post to give a reminder to breathe to those who may be freaking out today.

      I agree that STP will do well in the intermediate and long term. I'd even say it's doing great now - the market just doesn't seem to care. So it's attractive to me - I will look at adding if it goes lower.

      Just out of curiosity, is there a reason that solars are so down today? Not that there always has to be a reason, or that the reason would be directly connected to a given sector...just wondering.

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