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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up May 22, 2009 7:14 PM Flag

    It's so easy!!!

    look at the volume smart guy

    over 20 million shares

    the shorts covered but know that solars can run in an instant if a couple of big mutual funds start to load or hedge funds want to get in which causes 3 or 4 copycat hedge funds riding their coat tails.

    If shorts did not cover before the bell today, come monday they will wish they had when LDK gaps up after way overblown selling, this will follow LDK back up.

    SPWRA is the best, it was hardly hurt at all, meanwhile LDK and STP longs were ripped today.

    PALM, look at the support after a downgrade and 6 hit pieces saying to sell, big boys want all the retail shares of Palm for themselves before they sell out of their new smart phone in 2 or 3 days, June 5th the fun starts over at PALM, a run up to 20 is possible in the meantime for Palm.

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    • "Announce the offering in the morning, we will give underwriters 7% discount on the same day's whatever closing price"

      That's the agreement the management reached with the underwriters and it won't be in SEC filing.

      Brokers and friends could sell/short at will with guaranteed profits, because 2 x 20 million more shares will be sold afterwards.

      Insider trading!

      Follow the dirty insiders! Sell on Tuesday before the 40 Million shares hit the trading desks. Buy back later under 10 and go long from there.

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