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  • flyfishingdoc flyfishingdoc Aug 18, 2009 4:03 PM Flag

    Vote for STP price after earning. My Vote $25.

    Yes, I see that some other solar company are seeing their profits go. I think I know where they went; STP is the answer. This is not a 16 dollar stock. It is growing and building more manufactures. We see the housing industry slowly going up. America is one of the last country to move away from fossil fuel to green energy.
    The other thing is that we hear a lot more about hydrogen lately but hydrogen cost a lot to produce. That means that there are 2 ways to produce hydrogen cheaply one using solar power or two using some type of enzymatic process. Since option 2 is not readily available yet I think that the best way to make hydrogen is using solar power.
    We are also starting to see cars with solar panels on the roof to recharge batteries. I think those are also very important.
    So I do see an increase need for solar panel and STP has a cost effective solution to the green energy problem.

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