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  • j4664s j4664s Dec 5, 2004 8:03 PM Flag


    It wasn't me who predicted $3.00. Check the message again. But I'm rootin' for the 'Predicter".

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    • No worries

      I never said three either more like 5..

      Of course I'm a buyer on this one.

      Watch her stop dead & turn.

      You'll see a tail on this one :)

      • 1 Reply to davedavewilliams
      • What in God's green earth makes you think that this stock is worth more than twice what it was before somebody pumped it? Do you think that the dupes who bought this thing know anything at all about value or anything else? Do you?

        Do you think picking stock is like voting for cheerleaders or the leader of the free world, where all you have to do is lie and scheme and you will win? Guess again. Markets are vicious and even though there is trailer trash out there, they don't elect a president like the fool they got this time. And I'll just BET you voted for that idiot too.

        The only good part is that when you are broke and apply for welfare, there won't be any. I hope you don't have any family dependent on you. Get a grip and just buy state lottery tickets. You'd be better off, even though they are a ripoff too. But you probably already buy those anyway.