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  • p.celsus p.celsus Feb 21, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    @ice-q and jrad

    i sold nrp and *all of my mlps today -- everyone of them, it took me a bloody hour -- nrp has been my daring, BOT in high 17s in December, how can you not love a girl who loves you so well
    i think there is value in them mlps and hope to be back -- nrp will be the first girl i get -- but i dont want to hold this stuff this week and over the weekend -- if berlusconi wins in italy, europe will blow and there is no way in hell US markets will remain unaffected

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    • Short term, you're probably right about all the MLPs (I haven't owned NRP for a while). But I've owned a bunch of my MLPs for 8 years or longer,and the tax hit would be horrendous, especially if I sold everything. It's actually funny, I don't want to sell the long-term ones because of the ordinary income recapture and I'm trying to hold onto the short-term ones like NTI and ALDW until they go long-term. There's some silliness in my thinking, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

      Anyway, good luck. I do think you will get a chance to buy NRP back in the $ 17s sometime in the next 3 months, most likely after the Q1 earnings release.

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      • Glad you guys made money with NRP. I plan to stay with it. Hope each of you will continue to post this board when you see information about coal or NRP specifically. You guys have much more knowledge about this business than I do. Appreciate your helping out the old people.
        Good luck.

      • ice-q:
        that big block trade went through today (240k s) -- that was the only thing that held the stock up, the moment that went -- BOOM!
        good luck to you, i believe strongly in this company and this paper

      • jrad
        thats my idea - i plan to come back to this and NMM and several of the others we talked about
        i manage a tax-free trust, so am not hampered by tax rules on trading, so for now - im out
        i'd very much appreciate the opportunity to correspond with you. wd you be so kind and drop me a line on p.celsus(at)yahoo

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