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  • scroopsaga scroopsaga Sep 18, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! Wmih Shares Hit $1.42 a Share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Unfortunately, for Wmih shareholders and retail MM's, the market knows a scam when it sees it. Wmih has no news, no business, no profits, no plans. It's only a matter of time before Cha 7 bk.

    But, but, but, you say the pps has doubled in the past couple of weeks. Whatta joke, only retail pps manipulation. The retailers are buying a few hundred shares and bidding up the pps a few cents each time they do. Hundreds of thousands of Wmih shares change without changing the pps at all, and no one knows who is buying/selling this many shares without changing the pps.

    Wmih shareholders, don't you know when you are being taken for a ride? If I am wrong, please let me know of any news, business plans, profits, or anything else, other than retail manipulation, that has caused the pps to rise. Wmih shareholders think this is the 'Good Ship Lollipop" where no business/plans/profits = big profits. Hahahahahhahhahaha!

    Anything at all, other than retail pps manipulation? You are due for a rude awakening.

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    • Ape, it's time for you to admit that you are wrong just like everything else in your life, whatever that is.

      Even $5 is too cheap for this stock.

    • Wmih shareholders, feel free to delude yourselves, it's your right.

    • Lets make this clear, folks. WMIH is not rely on so called " business, profit or plan " right now, its most valuable asset is $6B NOLs, the ability to use the NOLs hinges on how big Co. or business would be after merger. the higher the stock price means more market capital, and bigger Co it could merger. I said before on this MB that higher the stock price the more valuable it makes WMIH, better for them " cash in" the NOLs. $1.42/s is nothing, its limitation is the NOLs which is about $6B. I have called WMIH on other MB as an " once of lifetime" stock to have right now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wmih shareholders, as soon as you get some good news about your company, other than the upward retail manipulation of the pps, let me know. Real good news means news about a Wmih profit/business/businessplan/merger etc.............

      Hey, let retail MM's move the pps up as high as they can. It'll be Wmih shareholders who pay the price when the false pps collapses. If I am wrong about anything, then please give me a reason for the pps to be rising with no news/profits/plan......etc. Any reason will do.

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      • BTW, the posters on the 'smartboard' know that there is no known reason for the increase of the pps, except for retail MM manipulation.

        Bernie Madoff would be proud of these MMs, because they convinced of you of value that just isn't there. And Wmih shareholders believe the MMs, because they are desperate and 'want so much to believe'. Still, the truth is, without any business/profit/merger/plan, these shares are worthless and destined for Cha 7 bk.

        But, please, keep on believing the MMs, keep on accumulating more shares. Give me a big laugh when Cha 7 comes into reality.

    • Too bad you were sitting on the sideline for the ride up. I dont know how you can continue to bash when the stock has doubled in a short time. If you want to rub salt into pre BK holders, then you are just a #$%$. Its been a great investment for me and very profitable.

      The real question is "why are you here"? Just a bored loser in his moms basement who has nothing better to do than track his own portfolio? Oh, wait, you dont even invest, just give out bad advice. Go back under your rock you snake!

    • Sco, you finally showed up. I was starting to worry about you boys.

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