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  • thomasp2a thomasp2a Dec 15, 2005 12:55 PM Flag

    is something brewing with copy

    something is brewing with copy... can the gated community confirm this or deny this... thanks for your help... please only constructive comments... i get so sick of this message board with all the crap that is thrown out... I can not get info on copy on any other message board and some of you are very informative and extremely helpful

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    • It is common knowledge that you like it when majorhack pounds you in the a$$. Word on the street is that you give the best rim job in town. And at only $5 a pop it is a better bargain than copytel stock.

    • Yes, something is happening with Copy. The interpretation of the happenings depends on which responders you listen to. Some of us think that their panel is a new generation product. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. According to the CEO, the new panel is the results of eight years of research. Copy's website gives a description and the dimensions of what they say they have for mfg. at the present time.
      They also have a contract with Boeing and other companies to provide encryption devices throughout the Middle East to Dept. of Defense battle units. How much business is being done is up for question. Revenues for the Fiscal year just ended will be reported within ninety days of Oct. 31.
      This is a company that has many detractors and many apologists. You can go to Anthony Campos' World Enquirer sight to get a better idea of what sane people think.
      Hope this helps.

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      • About the "They also have a contract with Boeing and other companies to provide encryption devices throughout the Middle East to Dept. of Defense battle units. "

        Well, not exactly true. They bend metal around the Harris "Citidel" chip set and sell it to Thuraya users via Boeing for those who don't believe the GSM encryption is good enough. (I still can't figure out who they are.)

        Boeing seems to have promised the UAE that they would provide "encryption" for the Thuraya system as a negotiated point in order to win that multi-hunderd million dollar contract for the Satellite System. COPY.OB was the patsy that allowed Boeing to check that box for the price of guaranteeing some minimum sales per quarter (thousands). I suspect there's a closet at Boeing stacked with unsold Copytel encrypters that Boeing eventually gets to write off as a loss.

        The DoD don't use Citidel if they can get away with it, 'cause they would much rather have Type 1 encryption certified by NSA and availible in the Sierra II chipset from HRS, but only to the select few, which does not include COPY.OB.

        Face it, there is little money in encryption unless your customer is the NSA or must meet requirements directed by NSA. Harris is, BTW, the only manufacturer of a radio with built in Type 1 encryption. Harris is also the only manufacturer of a Joint Tactical Radio Standards (JTRS)certified softwate defined radio (Falcon III). Good stuff that works and sales that are real. I own a few shares, so don't believe me - do the research.

      • Investor_Relations_Slut Investor_Relations_Slut Dec 16, 2005 10:16 AM Flag

        Just Nothing!


        If you don't believe me, check out the real FED display makers like Toshiba, Motorola, Futaba, etc. They issued a spate of PR 1-2 years ago promising commercial production by the end of 2005, early 2006. So, where are these products?

        Nowhere; because they've run up on the same durability issue that stymied them in the past.

        All Copytele has added is a backplane variant. And that's not the issue that's holding things up.

        ie, Copytele has a solution looking for a problem.

        Back to the Duma.

        Or Suez Canal.

        Denis and Frank have qualified for their Medicaare Pharmacy benefits. The rest of you should double up on your pills because you've been hosed again by the hobbyists.


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