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  • WBNE_navyseal WBNE_navyseal Jan 8, 1999 6:58 PM Flag

    How come Harris has a A- rating then????

    S & P rates Harris with an A-....If this company is so bad, then why the high rating?


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    • Policy Wonk 90210 wrote: Is it true that
      Philbert's gay bath-house on Riverside is up for

      Zorro: It will probably be bought by some Arab investor
      who will
      place genitically-correct statues around
      the back yard and paint them in true-to-life colors.

    • My first three years were Dr. Boyd's last. This
      may well become a classic example (and a lesson to
      all investors) of how easily an S&P500 company can
      unravel under the control of a CEO with no leadership
      skills or vision.
      I firmly believe Mr. Farmer has no
      plan and needs to be pushed out as soon as

    • Since I was one of the lucky ones to escape from
      the company town of Melbourne, I'm now just watching
      with great sadness a once great company go down in
      flames. When J.B. ran the company, you might not agree
      with him (and I frequenctly didn't) but the man knew
      how to lead! H. with his orchids was the start of the
      slide and he hired Phil... It was frequently said even
      by the competition) that ESS could solve ANY
      technical problem, just make a business case and turn them
      loose. Unfortunately, the NASA blvd. book-keepers
      wouldn't know a business vision if it bit them on the
      butt. Phil has been building his house and working on
      his golf game so long, he has forgotten whatever
      business acumen he ever had. Seems like corporate is
      closing ranks around their stock options and not telling
      anyone what the plan for the future is. Who do they
      think will implement the "great plan" when it is
      revealed (if ever)?

    • Andrew would be a GREAT fit; not to mention they already have a big red 'A' !

    • Any insight on the next major purchase. No names please...just areas of business will do fine. Wouldn't want anybody to get into trouble. I havn't heard any SA rumors lately.

    • RADIATOR AND POLICY-WONK .... Where the heck are you??
      We need some more inspirational insight from you!!!

    • Can anyone tell me if this company Entrata has any potential. Has Entrata and Harris been doing anything new together?

      Let me know ok?

    • I'm not sure what you mean by a "looser". I'm
      assuming you mean winning a bid we can't possibly do on
      schedule and on budget, but bid anyway because the
      customer wanted us too, or we saw a potential for future
      work. In those cases its hard to say thier loosers, but
      they certainly are for the poor schmucks who have to
      work unpaid overtime to meet some unrealistic

      Accountability should go along with the BD position.

      sometimes programs become loosers due to inept management,
      apathy, failure to understand the problem
      (technical/Financial), or gather the right skill sets.

      There are
      different forms of leadership. Theres the caretaker manager
      and the leader (example: Steve W. from Apple).
      Another example of a high tech leader is Jeff from If I have a problem ordering a book from this
      firm I can email and get a response
      that day! Firms today need leaders like Jeff/Steve and
      not the cocktail swilling, golf playing caretakers
      which exist in some firms.

      I don't pretend to
      have all the answers, but I know what inspires me to
      work, and I didn't have to read BusinessWeek to find

    • ... would you be available for a CEO position, if
      one were to open up?

      Oh by the way, one
      additional comment, commissions for the Business Development
      folks are 'OK' as long as they also suffer the
      consequences for landing a 'looser'. This is something that
      has happened far too many times, recently. The
      Business Development resource receive their 'Award' and go
      off to find another looser.

    • After all this re-branding and re-positioning and
      becoming a
      "pure-play" company and trying so hard to
      "increase shareholder value", has anybody noticed that the
      Harris stock price is within about a buck and a half of
      its 52-week low? There's not much evidence that the
      BOD is noticing. Hopefully, they will wake up and
      come to the realization that image is NOT everything,
      and get down to the business of managing the company
      and stop trying to manage the stock price. Cruz99's
      suggestions are a good start.

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