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  • wardsown wardsown Sep 7, 2012 5:01 PM Flag


    I've owned this stock (fund) for a year and a half. Sure, I have collected generous dividends BUT have suffered a paper capital loss equal to 16 months of dividends. I doubt I will live long enough to recoup my losses when/if I sell.

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    • I bought in early 2008. Can't remember, maybe $6 a share. You need a strong stomach, has dropped below even that. But if you keep and hold you will get your generous dividends, and it will go back up. I think it has been close to $12 in the past couple of years. patience and get paid while you wait.

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    • If you bought "a year and a half" ago that puts your buy date in April 2011. The average PPS then was $10.00 Since that time you've earned $1.53 in divs and lost $1.47 based on a snapshot of the price right at this minute. That means you've made a net profit of 6 cents. The problem is that you bought at the wrong time and that's nobodies fault but your own You could have averaged down in Oct 2011 at the low 7 dollar level, did you do it? Probably not. You're at the break even point now so all you have to do is sit tight and it all looks up from here.

    • Say you lost mabey 2000 on paper. keeping it can get you back in 16 months

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