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  • ittelectronic ittelectronic Jun 15, 2006 11:08 PM Flag


    I notice a lot of people talkin about the students at ITT well I am one. I begun at ITT in March 2005 and graduate in June 2007. I am an electronics student and expirenced what many of you people are talking about. Financial aid don�t care about the students once the files are signed and the recruiters are worse. My recruiter asked me out after I signed up but kicked me to the curb once classes started she said she couldn�t date students. The test to get into ITT is easy but I failed it the first time and the lady told me to wait a few minutes and then I took the same test. Are there any other students with stories like mine? My moms said to go to state but I thought better.

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    • The real problem with this school seems to be the high number of really dumb people it attracts, who then can't make the grade. Perhaps they should dumb down their curriculum more, so these nitwits could have "self-esteem" even if they have no brains.

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      • Well you know...or might not know...we activiely recruit in every sector of the area. The bottom line is...the bottom line. Admitingly, we have dumbed the curriculum to the degree that we are being closely examined to bear reference to our relevence of our diploma

        My favorite post always is the one that defends what we do...may God bless you all...every one of you...sniff..sniff. Nothing like a loyal following that takes ownership in a school...wholeheartedly.

        You see, I must digress my point regarding the financials and the technicals. So what that we do illegal things, immoral things, unethical things...this is corporate America...for goodness sake...we offer an ethics class...isn't that enough?

        Let's look at the varying departments again...tomorrow because tonight is Golf night!!!

    • Your story is mine. minus the recruiter asking me out i had a woman. I qualified for financial aid after some trouble. I saw someone mention the comercials for itt. They do not have anything that is shown there. I am now attending state school since it is cheaper and legit

    • UH OH. If you do not pass the entrance "exam"--what a joke in itself--then you are supposed to wait a minimum of 30 minutes before taking a DIFFERENT version of the test. If you took the same test twice in a row, that is a BIG no-no.

      Just curious--were you coached in taking the test--did your recruiter or the registrar give you any answers ahead of time?

      What school?

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