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  • shreadinthedocs shreadinthedocs Jul 18, 2006 11:23 PM Flag

    Firsthand Witness

    These two weeks were eventful at our closely watched campus Fort Wayne. New mandates by Adolf's little brother, three reps quitting, fifteen + students committing to other colleges in the area, bombshells in academic affairs as MANAGEMENT is finally being blamed for its actions and lastly surprise for the little guy in the corner office.

    It would seem that Adolf's little brother is pissed off again by the content and 'inside information' on this board. It is all worthy of another staff meeting, perhaps an inquiry on the part of his minion, or dare I say another wild goose chase throughout the academic affairs department? Shucks, I have learned not to rationalize with the irrational. This much I know, Yahoo is a taboo site in Fort Wayne so users beware. "ITT is utilizing all of its IT resources to get to the bottom of this dilemma" Jeez, what a jackoff.

    Watching a male rep quit out and walk out those double doors was refreshing to say the least. This gentleman is a wonderful rep and I wish him all the best. ANY job outside ITT is better trust me I know and am looking now. Two female reps also quit. These three reps tolerated the little dictator's tirades, threats, etc... For such a long time you all tolerated AJ and for that kudos to you all. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. This leaves a couple of wonderful female reps and a handful of token incompetent males. Knowing fully that these women are ALL AJ has left, I know he will be puckering up those incredibly large crusty lips to pucker up. Sir, you are as transparent as the liquor in Kell's cup on most days.

    15+ students have committed to other schools this week alone. ALL of which have been referred to by me to ANY school aside from ITT. I have helped them conduct research as to offerings at competing scgools and surprisingly (not to me) ALL of the other schools were cheaper, more legitimate and offer something ITT does not anymore, care. Having one of their worse summer starts in all time, record drops for the month of June, and student complaints not coming in should tell you one thing: YOUR style does not work AJ. No worries my little friend, just keep up your tirades and you will make many surrounding schools VERY rich. Consider this: a student pursuing an associate's degree is worth roughly $37,000 and a bachelor's student is worth 2x that ($74,000)

    15 students x $37,000 = $555,000

    Looks like that bonus won't be so high this year huh? You're welcome!!

    This week the pressure was being applied on 'Good ole Will' and it is about time. The constant mistakes in adcademic affairs could never be his, or could they? Pressuring Will will only do two things: shift the blame, momentarily, and more agressively push the few left in academic affairs to quit. Sulf-fulfilling prophecy, or an intended result? I can say this, make sure no one gets in Will's way for the golf course or from the Hennessy cause the red truck might swerve a bit.

    Ah, suprises, surprises are coming to Fort Wayne. Talk of an audit to see what's all this 'Yahoo ESI message board' business from HQ is materializing. Understanding that dealingwithimppotency is probably reading this, perhaps you could lend some insigght from our phone conversation with your contact at Carmel.

    Lastly, I will continue the Moment of Zen set out by both dealingwithimpotency and mrjohnsondirector: CW at Fort Wayne is by and far the MOST incompetent person I have encountered. I have never met someone with such difficulties with such elementary finance concepts. While maintaining her VERY casual dress code, she dictates professional dress code for the rest of us. Her staff secretly hate her and rightfully so. Looking the part of that elderly woman who is TRYING to hang on to her youth unsuccessfully is what she does REALLY well, aside from maintaining simple chronic halletosis. Bondo, not only for your auto-body needs!!!

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    • Things are pretty much the same. You see, many can quit, but AJ deems himself untouchable...and we all know that's not necessarily true.

    • So glad you are in a job where you can be appreciated and treated with respect like a human being should be treated and not mistreated as alois insisted on doing to you. I witnessed it firsthand many, many times.

      At least now you can even use your brain to make decisions and your suggestions are listened to, rather than like AJ who only likes to hear himself talk and wouldn't let you make even the tinest suggestion.

      Ah, yes, it takes months to get the itt tech toxins out of your body, but what a wonderful feeling to be away from the horrible aj and his chosen 12!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are exactly right about how johnson looks and about the registrar being a rude *****. The registrar's assistant is actually Christy R. and both used to be in career services and were rude there, too.

      You forgot to mention how incompetent CW is as the head of financial aid--let alone the alcholic financial aid advisor (ha, what a fancy name for such low-lifes) who has no qualifications in financial aid and used to be a secretary. She's just as rude as the others.

      I'm so happy for you to be at Ivy Tech now. At least there is some organization at Ivy Tech and you can even register for classes online there and not have to wait on the dean to figure out a schedule at the last minute--and then change it 6 times after classes start--and that's not including the 6 changes the registrar will make due to her mistakes in scheduling.

    • Jonhson is rude and looks just as you describe him. the registars husband is a racist idiot i had him for problem solving. i dont know KR and will say this ivy tech is better than itt anyday

    • Got the message and things look good...well not for Mr. Ill-equiped. I have done my homework on Blum and I am quite intrigued. It seems his firm likes to buy companies in their "stock price prime" and piece them off...sorta like Gecko. Word from Carmel confirms what I see as to where this is going: Rene's is selling out, Blum is buying and the schools are going to be pieced off regionally. A failed deal with a Chinese investor has soured Rene's plight, but Blum has Chinese partners with contact I am told.

      You bring up good points about the FW campus. In my experiences, FW was always my favorite school to monitor in that AJ's threatening, autocratic leadership style is a proven failure, but knowing Rene'...the numbers are all that matter. I heard from a little bird that AJ even mandated a 'leadership' book for the managers to read and break into groups to submit a response to some trivial questions he posed. The book is not recognized by ANYONE as about ineffective leadership with NO direction.

      I have not had contact with students as you mentioned in your post, but brother I would do exactly what you are doing. We are talking about a sorta...who has two degrees, is director for a school, but who has never taight a class. Knowing CW, who works in finance(AJ's stomping ground), why is ITT promoting directors from finace? Alas, FW has to deal with this mishappen, buy-eyed, rank breath, impotent, illegitimate daughter-having, POS driving, crusty-lip sportin, short person...not me. I will tell you, ITT is experiencing a fundamental breakdown of core corporate values and is prime for a 'case study' in one of their future editions of their introductory business class texts. Blum, I hope your seat is's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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      • Dealingwithimpotency is striking at the heart of what's really going on. Quite a while back, I noticed that ITT/ESI was dealing with both China and Canada. Where it was going to go at that time was anybody's guess.
        My bet is that ITT/ESI is looking for a Chinese investment firm to take things off their shoulders. (This might be a bit of a far stretch on my part, only because China and Japan both bought a lot of our massive U.S. debt not too long ago, and ITT/ESI might see things a bit more favorable when dealing with our Chinese brothers and sisters. Government regulations and rules will definitely be relaxed with respect to China: i.e., the Bush Administration owes a LOT, and will make things much, much easier for our Asian siblings. Case in point: Notice the massive influx of Chinese manufactured goods.)
        Okay, you guys...Am I barking up the wrong tree with this?

    • I want to ask you couple questions. If the things are as bad as with any other �for profit� establishment why this company is not investigated by DOE? Why there are no outstanding complaints or legal actions? Secondly, what do you think is the connection between Blum and Cramer (nut crook hosting Mad Money on CNBC). The reason I am asking is simple, Cramer always maintains strong buy on this company.

      Do not get me wrong, I hate Cramer and I do not believe in any of those "for profit" Ponzi schemes but somehow they manage to deliver decent results, quarter after quarter. How they do it?? How they manage to give �street� what they want to hear?

      What about ESI, did the reach that tipping point when �growth� is gone? With the share price barely moving from November last year I wonder who are those �investors� who keep buying shares of this company?

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      • ESI was investigated by the DOJ and reports were sent to the DOE. It seems that the government also holds the philosophy "It Takes Time". Cramer on CNBC is entertaining at best and honestly with the performance of the major indeces, a monkey throwing darts or feces at a dart board could make money. To answer your question in the last part, the answer is simple: short sellers. There are people moving the average 3-400k volume each day speculating. The company is not worth $70 a share and the financials back it up. Their numbers are shaky, and manufactured and in an industry like for-profit education the accounting practices are not proven...they are "creative". you might have read of reps and management posting on this board talking about "sits". Well, what constitutes a "sit"? When is a student off the list, when do those numbers get retroactive adjuctments? The answer is never. My advice: invest in a proven for-profit school---Apollo Group UOP.

      • I'm all for echoing vsg78's questions. From what I can see, all of the other "for-profit" schools are dealing in the $10-to-$40-per-share range. How come ITT maintains its status at $60-something per share?
        You guys, I've been in the "Hold" sentiment for the longest time now with respect to ITT, only because I can't understand some of the trading dynamics that must be occuring out there.
        I know now that a LOT of the "intrinsics" (the inner workings of ITT) are highly flawed, but I don't understand how Rene Champagne and crew are keeping this boat afloat.
        Anyone out there who can help this kid figure it out?

    • some students said Elaine and Cathy quit are these the two? Cathy is my rep and was really nice to me after I signed up. I am glad that i'm out after august

    • See you people thought I was touting lies; the joke is on ALL who keep ESI stock in their portfolio. THIS is just the beginning; make my words. For you that continue to work for ITT, listen to shreadinthedocs, owatagusur, remotecave, etc... As to the notion that this is 2 people with multiple handles I pose this food for thought: Do you HONESTLY believe that I would creat another handle to give any more of my time to ITT? Trust me when I say this, ITT will fail by its own doing, not by what we post on this message board. All we are doing is further exposing the truth to prospective investors.

      Keeping in line with dealingwithimpotency, shreadinthedocs, and myself...your moment of Zen: The Rancho Cordova campus is one of the best examples of how NOT to run a school. High turnover, low moral, and...shall we say, exploitation of the fact that ITT does not drug screen are givens at this CA campus. Not needing to get specific because if you work know, my favorite person is the person in the corner office. It seems ineffective, bullying, intimidation tactics are instilled directly from Carmel.

    • I checked and Ft. Wayne campus isn't even running any ads for reps on CareerBuilder or Monster. However, there are ads for 5 adjunct instructors on Monster--nothing on CareerBuilder. Hint: these ads aren't due to growth--they are due to intelligent instructors leaving.

      The end of each ad says this:
      We offer a competitive salary, 401(k), group medical (including the new Health Savings Account option), dental and vision coverage, flexible spending accounts, a tuition discount program for you and your family members, employee tuition reimbursement, and a fitness center, just to name a few.

      Where is the fitness center at Ft. Wayne? That's what I thought--they don't have one, so it's obvious they can't even tell the truth in their advertisements. Heck the job postings are for part time, yet it reads as full time.

      Do any campuses (that means one building and a parking lot for ITT) have a FITNESS CENTER?

      Oh, by the way, shreadinthedocs, I also enjoyed watching the reps leave. It was great. Too bad the salamadar in the corner office was in Cancun and didn't get to witness the exits of the two reps on the same Monday.

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