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  • im4itt im4itt Aug 28, 2007 11:53 AM Flag

    These msgs will NOT stop

    ITT is a $3 dollar bill. Yeah, you can pride yourselves on making $ at the expense of those individuals who give 2-shyts. Sad, sad, sad. You mock a man who had to come to work who had to deal with shyt and urine all over the floor! Shame, shame, shame. Indianapolis and Ft. Laud schools have been trashed on this website. Mia school is no different. As a matter of fact, I have yet to see ONE ITT school that is legitimate. Last laugh is on you guys -- as it is with this Kunt-tree that you are ruining. I would hate to see myself in the care of an ITT medical grad. What a shame for this world that you can ONLY care about the dollar bill (which is devaluing at a rapid rate thanks to the likes of YOU, the investors). I am terrified at what this KUNT-TREE has become because of uze guys. Heaven help us all. God Bless the Army of of caring indivds that gave a shyt to styck up for what is RIGHT!!! FU-jamesn -- congrads on helping to be part of the destroying morals (yeah, u ain't gpt no morals, you couldn't spell this word if your life depended on it). There is a legitimate way of making of making money -- don't invest in this co...period. Enough GOOD people have been hurt -- do u enjoy desroying lives? My druthers tell me you do, Jamesn is a child molester...hey, hey, J., we know who u REALLY are.

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    • All this babble of multiple accounts is making my head spin. Honestly, why can't you crackers just stop making jokes about my school? Why is the man always trying to keep a honest, respectible black man down? Let me be and run my school the ways I want.

    • Neither would you!

    • From Cordova to Fort Lauderdale to St. Rose to Indy to Fort Wayne...shite is shite. Semantics aside, ask employers who interview these diploma mill morons. Most cannot fill out applications, most cannot dress for an interview, most cannot prep a resume, and all are destined to lose once Sallie Mae comes a knockin. What is happening is the BIGGEST sham this country has ever seen...worse than Enron, worse than Tyco and worse than Worldcom...why? The answer is because it is happening to the youth of America. EVERY TOM, DICK, HARRY, AND JANE have degrees...and most are not worth the paper they are written from. Those of us from brick and mortar institutions are laughing our way right through our interviews to secure these high paying jobs. We have an ITT grad at my company...he mows the lawn. TRUE story by the way. The guy babbles nonsense as to what was cooler...the original Nintendo or the Sega. While playing video games, downloading porn, and pirating music seems like the "complete" world to most at ITT, others know better. Another culpa in this sham is Dell. Note how ITT is now selling Dell computers to students via Sallie Mae. They are getting overpriced laptops with barebone configurations ONLY because Title IV funds will approve it as an "educational" expense.

    • Point to one message trashing the Indianapolis school.

      Oh wait, there are none. You're just an idiot who doesn't realize that Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis are seperate cities.

    • Re ITT - Fort Lauderdale it is a total fraud the school has shreading document party every week , the the daen and the dirctor shread and falsify their numbers and doctor the grades infalte the the students grades the feds know that they visited that campus. Faculty suffer from low morals because the dean was the secretary at that campus and that will tell you the rest of the story she inflated at least grades of five students that every body at that campus knows of the instuctors don care theay all burn out most of the are adjuct they dont know what the hell is going on , the pooor students will suffer till the end when they finish no body will hire them hardly any body pass an employer exam , it is a sinking ship matte of time till that campus closes because of the bad mangement and a low morals.

    • I knew the employee that you speeak about. This guy has guts, and he truly is a caring individual. He took shyt from this co. beyond the call of duty (or should I say doody). Poor guy, to have been trashed on this website for stepping up to the plate. I can say beyond all reasonable doubt that this guy took it up his ass. Begged for the students and other faculty that were getting screwed, and just had the misfortune of caring about his job and students/faculty that were getting screwed. Go ahead and further trash him -- he's a hero in my book. Georgetta the Jew/Muslim hater -- go back to Slovakia where you belong. Go ahead and kill the Jews and Muslims whom you hate. Maybe your fate will be the same. Jody in Ft. Laud., you took the place of Dr. Adam, who was a phoney -- you are too!!! What are your qualifications? You kissed Nan's ass as her secretary and now you are kissing her ass as a placement counselor with no qualifications other than the fact that you are an ITT grad. Whoop-dee-do. Am I bitter? Hell yes. With EVERY right to be!!! Lou S: screwing his secretary and running a child porn website from ITT; should I also mention the fact that you were selling degrees too? OK; I just did. This is what you assholes are investing in -- Amerika's future -- heaven help us all:-( Let's get rid of degree-mill schools like ITT!!!

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      • ITT schools are the worst tech schools in the nation, the are ripoff any body is going to ITT is wasting his money for the same kind of money the can go to a good repution school or university , so future student please do you research before going to ITT it has a micky mouse accreditation it is not the real thing , students go there after one or two weeks of enrollment they drop because of the poor quality of education , the cheap books from india and out of date equiments in the lab nothing works , instructors are not qualified , quality of student is poor I cant believe a mentaly challenged student at itt fort lauderdale stayed one year and a half and his GPA war 4.0 for the first two quarter after that his GPA starts to drop this poor kid should get his money back the just ripped him of 30 k , he could have used it in medecin i feel sorry for the kid that is what is ITT pray on on sick and the poor and get his money.

      • It's beyond hilarious that you idiots don't even try to vary your posting styles when you log in under other accounts to agree with yourselves. Note in the two posts above repeated occurences of random capitalization, triple explamation marks, double hyphens.

        Get off of my internet, before I force rent-a-center to stop renting out computers.

      • ITT Fort Lauderdale is run by Thelma and Louise , Thelama is the director Louise is the dean both nast people white trash racists they bringing the school down to the ground.
        Both uneducated should never be in education field because they are bad image for education , both should be fired for cooking the books , but realy ITT is not a real school it is only a career center education does not mean any thing the is last thing in ITT is education . These school should not be in business because they are very expensive with a low standard degree it doesn't have any value but name sounds good but empty from inside , student go there and drop like flies because they realized they made a mistake .

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