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  • ittdollar.dollar ittdollar.dollar Nov 9, 2007 8:34 PM Flag

    ITT -Frauds

    Any body can help me who to contact to tell the frauds about ITT - The Feds and the Deartment of education I want the the contacts for those two people I have alot to say about ITT-Frauds please help

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    • I have contacts at both the Department of Education and United States attorney's office, civil fraud section in DC. I am an attorney from Mississippi. Call me at (601) 307-0221.

    • I'd recommend some steps beforehand:

      1 - Learn the English language. Communicating effectively is the key to being taken seriously.

      2 - Get a job. Unemployed losers who cry foul all day on the internet about a company that fired them all day also aren't taken very seriously.

      Actually, no matter what you do, you won't be taken seriously, because you're more of a fraud than ITT. The above steps might help improve your pathetic life, though, so maybe do them anyways.....

      • 2 Replies to jamesnjamesn
      • Jamesandjames is a typical ITT Rep. staying all day calling people to enrol at ITT , trying to sell them bad product.
        All reps lie and lie to get you in and the deans try to make you stay by giving you fals hopes and vision.
        People who are smart relies that in the first week of enrollment that they have signed their lives to ITT , 82 k . It takes a life time to pay this amount of money that is why people drop because they see the false Ads .
        That is why the Feds looking at ITT because it is lies and ripoff.

      • First of all James and James scred for his or ass job. Because if this person loses his itt job winds up homeless selling news papers , second you dont need the command of the English to tell the truth about itt since the majority of itt students are Spanish speaking they are the victims for the ITT frauds.
        James and James you will be in the streets becaused ITT will lose the federal funding soon because of its frauds and the feds are paying close attention for these practices .
        All the victims should stick together and sue ITT for it last dollar.

    • The first place to start is with the accrediting body for ITT. ACICS is that body, they have a web site that will provide you with a lot of information about themselves and who they accredit. You can find names and numbers for those in Washington DC.

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