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  • aaatiles aaatiles Mar 21, 2008 12:28 AM Flag

    Jamesnjames = Tina Daley Ball = ITT Ft. Lauderdale

    well, now that we know who you are, it's amusing reading your posts. Shouldn't you be concerned with running the school better versus checking the message boards? Wouldn't that be a higher priority? It WOULD be funny to see the dean sitting in as a student in one of the finance courses.

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    • That is why ITT going down the tube those two women are #$%$ Tina #$%$ daily Ball and Nan #$%$ Bag low of itt ft lauderdale

    • That is why ITT is going down the tube because of people like Tina #$%$ daley Ball and Nan very low corrupted biches running itt schools in Fort Lauderdale and Charlotte

    • People Trash like Tina Daley Ball and Nan Low are Fraud and low education low class drove ITT down to the zeoro line itt should close its doors.

    • Now Tina Daley Ball director of ITT Charllotte Sounth and and Nan Low director of itt FortLauderdale will get a job in Mcdonald to clean dishes and swipe the floor and clean bathrooms those two ladies are corruptrted cooked books falsified records finacial aid placement numbers now itt worth zero cent,

    • DAMN ITT it is closing its doors after 50 years of stealing peopls money and falsifying their records.

    • The Fort Wayne, IN campus fired a couple of faculty members a few years ago for posting dirty secrets on this wonder why people are posting in shrouded mystery. Here's the scenario: give grades and keep your $50k a year job or don't give grades, express concerns about students and whistleblow about document shreading, document manipulation and Title IV lies and lose your job.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Tina Daley Ball ITT Director of #$%$ diploma mill drive through school of Fraud.

    • ITT is total fraud the FEDS are closing in to close its doors for robing students for their money and GI grants allin itt pocket giving themworthless education

    • ATTN: ALL VICTIMS OF ITT - I am yet another victim, among so many, of ITT Technical Institute's, and ITT Educational Services, Inc.'s, fraudulent, unethical, if not illegal, financial and shady business practices; the outright and intentional lies, misconception, misinformation, deception, intimidation, harassment and threatening scare tactics by ITT representatives, financial aid staff, directors and program chairs, as well as Corporate staff. ITT is financially and academically ruining mine and thousands of other people’s lives, bankrupting mine and thousands of families, all for a less than satisfactory education and degree; with programs, technology and a class syllabus that appear to be inadequate and outdated, which is required by employers in order to be hired in today's current and competitive job market at the wage we deserve.

      If you are a victim of ITT, or you know anyone who is, please read this and seriously consider standing up with us and fighting for justice and what's right! We need to hear immediately from you, the media or anyone else who has knowledge or legitimate information regarding ITT Technical Institute and ITT Educational Services, Inc., and ITT’s scam, locally in the Seattle and Washington State areas, as well as anywhere nationally. We need to hear from you if you have knowledge or legitimate information regarding any local and national class action lawsuits, complaints, and other consumer fraud investigations against ITT, Sallie Mae or any other financial institutions affiliated in any way with ITT and/or this scam, that is now in process, upcoming and anything previous or in the past. We need to file a class action lawsuit immediately so we can put a stop to this scam once and for all, save anyone else from falling prey to these money hungry, predatory, for-profit, fraudulent, scamming so-called “educational” institutions – I know ITT is not the only for-profit educational institution being allowed to get away with this!

      **ATTN TO ALL ATTORNEY'S WHO WANT JUSTICE: Are there any Attorney's out there who are seriously willing to listen to what we have to say, will stand up for what's right and fight for us, and would be interested and willing to file a class action lawsuit? Or do you know of a class action that is in process, upcoming or has already been filed, or any other lawsuit or complaint regarding illegal, unethical and fraudulent financial and business practices and fraud against consumers regarding ITT Technical Institute, ITT Educational Services, Inc., Sallie Mae, or other for-profit educational institutions like ITT? From the complaints I am hearing about, there are many people who are seeking answers and solutions to their financial and academic ruin due to these for-profit institutions and looking for a way to file a class action lawsuit, this could potentially be HUGE nationwide; I am sure there are thousands more victims out there who are looking for a way, but don't know how or where to turn. PLEASE HELP US FIGHT AND STAND UP FOR JUSTICE AND WHAT'S RIGHT! PLEASE HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! PLEASE HELP US FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

      ** TO THE MEDIA AND ALL VICTIMS OF THIS SCAM - WE NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE! We must and we need to stop these fraudulent for-profit, money hungry, predatory, inadequate and less than satisfactory education institutions from preying upon the innocent, naive, trusting, unsuspecting, the less than fortunate, the disabled, the unemployed, struggling single mothers and single fathers, kids out of high school, their parents, people with limited or fixed incomes, and everyone else who has been affected in some way, financially ruined, forced into bankruptcy and lost everything; for myself, my family and everyone else trying to survive and find a way out of their unfortunate circumstances and situations due to this devastating economy and unemployment, by seeking a deserving,

    • September 17, 2009 and it is now pushed to December 2009. Please read story below:

      When I was attending ITT Tech, everything bad occured in my very last semester out there. During my Microeconomics class on August 20, 2009, the Registrar comes get me and tells me to see her after class. When I get to the Registrar's office, she tells me that the school does not have a copy of my high school diploma on file.

      According to policy, my high school information should have been kept on file ever since I enrolled. So, I gave the Registrar my high school contact information and she tells me that as soon as she receives the copy of my high school diploma, I will squared away for graduation. The very next day, she sends me an email and asks me to meet her in her office. She tells me that the school should have never accepted me because I did not have a high school diploma. I graduated from high school with a Certificate of Completion because I did not pass the FCAT Reading. Everything else was done. When I enrolled at the school, the Registrar never told me that a high school diploma was required to attend this school.

      So, the Registrar suggests that I register for the GED Test through the Broward County School Board. The test costs $70. The big problem was the fact that test registrations were on hold that week because the following week was the first week of school. That week was Teacher Preparation Week.

      A very good friend of mine at school helped me look for a school that was doing test registrations. The same day, I went to the school and registered for the test. I quickly returned to school and let the Registrar make copies of the test registration papers. She then tells me again that I am clear for graduation.

      Next week, during Final Exams week, she comes pull me out of class again to tell me that I cannot graduate and that I need to push the testing date to an earlier date. I then explain to her that the School Board is in charge of the date of all tests and I cannot change the date of testing. So, she tells me that she will try to get me to test earlier. Unfortunately, she could not change the testing date and I still had to take the test on that date.

      After all of this, the Campus Director searches the entire school looking for me. When she finds me, she fusses me out and reassures to me that I will not graduate. So, I try to transfer to another school to finish my studies. Therefore, I ask the Registrar to write a letter for me; stating that I have completed all of my courses. She refused to write the letter for me and all of my classes got dropped at the other school because of her.

      On top of all of this, ITT Tech charges me with a Temp Credit balance of $10,000 and I have to pay $146 a month for 72 months just to pay that off. This does not include the loans that I took out for the school. Could someone please help me find a good attorney to fight my case?

      Thanks so much.

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