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  • oxledge oxledge May 11, 2009 1:52 PM Flag

    ESI supposed to be going down according to technical bozos

    Technical shortsellers telling me to unload my ESI long last week, even with the shares down at $90, particularly that limp dick rav. What a bunch of morons. I told you short selling idiots you were going to get smoked and that you were going to face a one day gap up that would put you in a world of hurt. Now ESI is up almost $10 today alone on no news. What you going to do now? Cover your short? Short more? You are all so screwed. Wait until ESI does another $10 move up in a flash. And for those that don't cover now, what you going to do later when more pain is delivered.

    You short selling parasites are going to get stepped on so hard, paricularly that idiot rav.

    Hey rav...nice post "Trade what you see, knot what you think". Great advice for those that are brain dead like you. You can't think, so you have to trade based on what you see (and the only thing you are looking at is a rear view mirror chart. Wonderful!). Your quote is the stupidest thing I have ever read on a chat board. Congrats. So to all you investors out there, when you buy or sell a stock, don't think. Thinking appears to be vastly overrated according to rav. Best to based you decision off a chart the reflects everything that has transpired in the past. Don't worry about the future. The past chart will always predict future stock prices.

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    • You're spoiled little brat at the playground, sitting on the swing all by himself, muttering obscenities at all the other kids who refuse to play with him because they hate his guts.

      Nice life.

      • 1 Reply to rav3_d
      • I am a spoiled brat? I am not the one posting total nonesense on this chat board and advising people to make totally stupid investment moves. You should be ashamed of yourself posting you garbage on this board.

        I have posted several times on this board presenting rational, well thought out arguments regarding the value of ESI, its long term technical chart, the fundamentals affecting the stock, and so on. And you have yet to offer one rebuttal to any one of these posts. NOT ONE! All you say is "don't trade what you what you see?" It is so patently pathetic, I think that you are simply a lost cause. Based on what I think about ESI, shares are going to make a 100% plus up move from here. And what do I see? Well, I see ESI going up huge. I see the shorts getting crushed. I see a company reporting huge earnings increases and beating estimates hugely and raising guidance. I see a stock trading at a ridiculous low valuation. I see a stock down 35% on nothing but fear mongering from shorts like you who know nothing about the company. I see a company buying back its own shares huge.

        What do you see? What are you looking at?

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