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  • domh_25 domh_25 May 22, 2009 5:33 PM Flag


    If you are so secure in your trading prowess and ability to prognosticate, why are you so threatened by my thoughts? Does your wife yell at you for being such a horseshit trader that you feel the need to lash out against me?

    As a secure man, I invite you to keep doing it. i will enjoy this dialogue as together we watch this stock blow apart.

    Have a great weekend.

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    • dom-dope,

      are you fucking kidding with this comment...

      "My point on revenue recognition is over your head. When you can accept and book revenue for any idiot you allow in a classroom, regardless of due diligence and vetting as to financial ability to pay...that is suspect in this economic environment."

      This is such a ridiculous statement it almost is not worthy of reply. I am all ears. GO ahead, you explain in detail the issues regarding ESI's revenue recognition policies. I suppose you think that ESI should let people attend their schools for free as opposed to charge them for services rendered and book the revenue. You damn well know you frigging moron that if ESI students choose to drop out, they do not get charged for future semesters. If they drop out very early in a semester, student loan proceeds get refunded to the bank that loaned the money. As to financial ability to pay? I agree. We should not allow anyone to attend school that does not have enough money to pay for tuition out of their existing savings. There is no need to lend money to anyone that wants to advance their education and improve their lot in life if they do not have the money to pay in full for that education up front. We are going to put you in charge of the government agency that decides who these people are that should not get student loans because they are too poor right now to pay in full for education. You are probably from the South where you implemented similar policies in the 1950's and 1960's to keep black people out of state run universities and public high schools. I think we should do the same in the housing market also. Why do we bother lending a majority of the purchase price of homes to people when it is rarely totally certain that they will be able to pay back those mortgages, regardless of their current financial position or jobs? We will put you in charge of that government agency also.

      you post reveals you as the bigot and racist that you really are. you are a total fucking idiot.

    • are too easy man...I thought I was wound tight...

      So today is a great buying opportunity in your book I take it?

      My point on revenue recognition is over your head. When you can accept and book revenue for any idiot you allow in a classroom, regardless of due diligence and vetting as to financial ability to pay...that is suspect in this economic environment.

      As far as me being a bad accountant, you fit more with the herd, that is accept without question what you are told. You would have been a great staff accountant.

      Go ahead and keep ranting about how great the good old days were. How great the yankees used to be....etc...A new day is here. Just watch how it plays out...

    • dom, you butthead,

      you are fucking hilarious. you dont need to read any report to understand their inflated revenue recognition policies? No? So you just looked at the revenue line item and somehow concluded that they way they record revenues is inflated. Well, that is a frigging first. You must be clarivoyant to know that if someone tells you that a company is doing lets say $100 million in revenues that the company is abusing revenue recognition. Simply pathetic.

      You should know as a cpa, you idiot, that cash flow is the ultimate measure of accounting quality. There is always one thing that stands out in a company that is cooking the books....there is no free cash flow to back up the earnings claims the company is making. You should know better you moron. And we are all to believe that ESI has been cooking its books for 15 years straight? And why is the company using its massive free cash flow to buy back stock, as opposed to paying that cash out in massive salaries, before the shares are to collapse in some acounting scandal? Why would the company buy back so much stock if the shares are eventually going to collapse under some accounting irregularity? And there is no significant insider selling of shares to promote a pump and dump scenario from management.

      And then you say that you are a technical trader? What a fucking joke. Shows how much value you attach to your crappy cpa when you have given up on doing any form of fundamental analysis based on your cpa expertise to rely on some crappy technical analysis investment approach, which has no added value. But you sure make a point of your "cpa expertise". What a fucking joke. Your are pathetic.

      I am shaking my head in disbelief at your post and comments. You are a complete moron, that is clear.

    • Dude you are on fire over there. I do not need to read any report to understand the revenue recognition principles being used to inflate their top line.

      I only need to use common sense in recognizing the credit issue facing our economy.

      Oh, maybe you struck on a good note a few seconds ago, your assumption that I am an investor. I am a trader, not an investor.

      If you have done so well in this over the years...good for you...good trade.

      Bottom line, hitting 94 now..I was right again. Technically, this thing is done. You go ahead and see it as you want, but the chart tells all the story. It hung up there near the 200 ma and nobody wanted to bid it now we head back to 90, if we have volume there...then heading lower...if lighter, we will bounce again....

      How much have you lost on your 50 shares of esi today?

    • domhead,

      there is no other way to put it. You are an idiot. You got no clue about what you are doing playing with ESI.

      • 1 Reply to oxledge
      • Supposedly you bot at 59 and were not smart enough to sell any at 120, when all technical indicators showed huge distribution. but I am the idiot.

        Stick your head back in your ass and finish your roller coaster ride back to 60's, then your daughter can go to the local juco, cuz her dad was too dumb to cash in some chips.

        This market has been bouncing on air, and this thing can't get above 103 for longer than 8 minutes. But again I am the idiot. I am hoping for 110 to get short again, on the end of month run up. I suggest selling some calls there, if not taking some profits.

        We can save the personal attacks up and back, lets just check in weekly to look at the price volume action.

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