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  • oxledge oxledge May 29, 2009 4:45 PM Flag

    ox..who pulled the rug....

    yo dom-dope, the brain dead cpa,

    still waiting to hear from you regarding you accounting prowess. not a word from you on the subject of revenue recognition or bad debt figures you have been blabbing about in the most uninformed manner. no problem. i knew you werent going to reply because you got nothing of value to say. you havent even looked at the esi annual report or recent quarterly earnings statement. absolutely pathetic.

    regarding today's action, it is par for the course. you must have forgotten. I have been in esi shares much longer than you have been "scalping" them for pennies. I have know the company for over 20 years. I have seen these rides so many times, it doesnt phase me in the least. it is par for the course. i told you and your asswipe short seller friends that esi can make $5-10 moves in seconds. i recognize that i am not smart enough to pick the tops and the bottoms (although i was fortunate that i bought the bottom yesterday exactly on your "go short" call). that gap up $5 open must have felt real good today. you and all your short seller bozo buddies got fucked as you shorted more at 95 and got stopped out at 97 for a brutal ass kicking, only then to see the shares give $5 back. I made $1.50 on my shares purchased yesterday plus another $1 on another 500 shares i bought on the intraday dip......let's see....that's a $3500 day. Not as good as the $10,000 gain i was looking at on the open, but alot better than your $4000 loss today on your short sale/stopped out trade and alot better than your normal pathetic $600 scalp attempt, if you are lucky enough to make money at all.

    i see you posted your ugly ass over in the APOL chat board. You going to start spewing your garbage there too. you probably shorted some APOL yesterday too. good work.

    ...continued next post...

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