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  • shares245 shares245 Jan 14, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    No one buying this..close out at $2.45..I can bet on it

    they need to pay lot to SLM.

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    • they need to pay lot to SLM.

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      • Shares245, Why don't you be specific! They do not have to "pay SLM alot". Your post is totally lacking. They are paying roughly $46 million, of which the company has already written off more than half. The after tax charge will be $11 million, which is peanuts. This is already priced into the stock. Wake up and get a life.

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    • Why do you shorts blindly post prices? It's the same as longs blindly posting prices. $2.45 = $50M market cap. CECO is $3.43 with 225M market cap, EDMC has 600M market cap at $4.00. Just because those stocks are below $5.00 doesn't mean every one of them should be.

      There is only one way this sees $5.00 or less and that's if they go bankrupt. If you are betting on that than you would be far better off buying options 1 or 2 years out than shorting the stock which can triple on you in a heartbeat. Instead of throwing out numbers to scare off retail investors provide a reason why you think ESI is worth $50M.

      The sector is far from dead. Transformed yes, but not dead. There are too many solid institutions that have a good history that provide too many jobs for that to happen. There will be some who don't make it or get bought out. ESI isn't burning cash at any rate to worry, they will easily survive the regulations and adapt. Good luck and keep adding to your short please. In fact short it on margin.

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      • And when was the last time this tripled in a heartbeat, Get real guy this stock has been going down for over a year and there is no end in sight.

      • I do not think that shares245's opinion should be relied upon in the least. Like anyone attempting to predict the future of any stock price, it is impossible. I would say though that his predictions have never been in the least bit supported by any analysis of merit, such as the one just provided above. I suspect that he is simply a paid basher, earnings $0.10 per post. Most stock boards on yahoo have a bunch of people who post with great authority, but little substance. It is too bad. I would love to understand the guy's logic in a $2.45 price. Does not look like there is any.

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