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  • jeeek5 jeeek5 Jan 25, 2013 11:38 AM Flag


    took it down, now slowly walking it back up. I really hate Wall Street crooks and greedy S0Bs!!

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    • Maybe I missed something; can you clarify who are the crooks and how they are manipulating price? Did they take something away, or cause someone to buy/sell with artificial information?

      The board for this stock seems to have a lot of emotion and opinion, but very little discipline and data.

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      • I have to agree with Jeek here. I have a few friends/family working at the MERC in Chicago and know alot about the ins and outs of the industry. The market makers love to walk it up and down accordingly to play with emotions and help them and their buddies unload positions long or short over a set period of time. They also love to get margin players completely out of positions. They trade on inside information and have the upper edge.

        All the average joe retail investor can do is spot the signals the market makers give and sometimes those are hard and follow the "herd". Be careful and do your research. Never trade margin and keep an open mind. They love to play with human emotion, walk it up and down fast trick you to the point of getting you to buy/sell/short. They espeically how many of us retail investors/traders think.

        I have 10 years experience in this business and I feel I am above amateur now, but by no means a pro. So I can tell you jeeek alot of what you say is spot on. In any case good luck in life and investing. I am long ESI and have been for a few months. With no intentions of selling, but I can tell you there is a high probability they walk it back down to low teens again. Once the break out and trend happens you will know. That's when the shorts will be the targets. Just have patience and keep up on your research.

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      • Come on really? I do my DD, fundamental and technical analyis, etc. - I didn't and won't trade this stock based on 'emotion'. But you and I both know that MMs manipulate stocks ALL THE TIME to line their greedy pockets. We both know that Wall Street is by no means an honest place (not even close, with very few people of integrity), and that analysts and reporters many times have their own (or MMs) agendas in mind when putting out stories to screw main street traders at every opportunity.

        We also know that the Market is totally irrational when responding to earnings reports - which is exactly what happened yesterday - and can be a great way for small time traders like me to take advantage of the greed and manipulation - if you are very very careful.

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