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  • lesspheus lesspheus Feb 5, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Look how strong your beloved ESI is today

    I keep telling you that it is not yet time for a sustained rally in ESI, but nobody seems to believe me. Well, keep up with these nice swings and I'll keep making money every few days.

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    • I've loaded up down here at $16.16. Just waiting for the ESI hopeful to run this turd up again. You guys will run it and get all excited. Then I'll dump and wait for ESI to come back to these levels.

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      • Lessph, Unfortunately I don't think anyone cares about your intraday or two day trading in ESI. It is a losers game over all. So you get a few trades on ESI right. Big deal. In the end the day trading stuff is of zero added value and a zero sum game. What you make here, you lose elsewhere or you will eventually give back here. And for you day trades where you make money, there is another day trader loser. But good luck to you and your trading.

        Not sure why ESI was down today. It was up yesterday in a down market. I did see some press reports about how all colleges are trying to collect on defaulted student loans. It is long been clear that those that default are people with no money and are "poor" and have a hard time finding jobs. Schools that run vocational programs will naturally have more of these types of students. And the wealthy kids go to expensive colleges and these colleges have lower, but not zero, default rates. This is no big surprise. I am not sure why people think that this is some new revelation.

        Question is if the government and the stock market do not want to allow these low income, financially poor students to get educated, then what is the alternative. Short sellers imply that these people should not get educations or that they should go to community colleges. But the community college system is in decline and the job opportunities for graduates there are no different than anywhere else. Community colleges are a huge drain on taxpayer money.

        I am not sure what should be done. Increasing the education levels is very important. I have read that the high school graduation rate is as high as it has ever been. But kids need post secondary educations to really get themselves out of the lowest economic strata. Every year there are 4.5 MILLION kids of high school senior age in the United States. Every year! Every 5 years there are then 22.5 million people of post secondary age, not counting those over the age of 24. This is a massive market which keeps getting replenished every year. It is not surprising that big state colleges have huge student populations and Apollo has several hundred thousand students. ESI has only 60,000 students and that is spread over 100 separate campuses across the country. Given the size of the market and the geographic coverage of ESI, 60,000 students is not a large part of the market. It represents a mere 0.25% of the available student market. And the short sellers act like driving ESI into the ground will somehow be good for our education system. The stock market could drive 20 ESI's out of business and it would have zero impact on the education system.

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