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  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Feb 11, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Lousher...just day fundamental analysis


    Your posts about ESI's future short term share price movements are simply a waste of time for everyone in my opinion. You may be able to make a couple bucks with your strategy, but I doubt anyone else will. It is a losers game. You are shorting ESI by buying put options with bid ask spreads of 50%. The volume on these options is minuscule. ESI shares are not available to be borrowed for shorting so selling short the shares directly is not possible. Your touting this strategy is you just trying to get a few dopes to follow after you already have a position. The lack of option liquidity will help move prices in you favor when you get a couple of people to attempt to duplicate what you are doing.

    Regarding your "trading gains", they pale in comparison to the gains I have recorded by buying once and holding.

    Your investment approach is one which has been shown to generate losses for 95% of investors who attempt it. Day trading does not pay overall, unless you are Stevie Cohen who has long based his strategy on getting inside information (which you do not have). And, of course, Cohen and his associates have the risk of significant jail time - which we are now seeing play out.

    Regarding your derision of those that have "bought" each spike in ESI shares off the sub $12 low recently, every 'spike" that you have ridiculed has been followed by another higher "spike", which then you laugh at again. Now you are posting about the most recent "spike to $18.40. All weekend you posted about the "dopes who paid the $18.40 price" the other day, when no doubt many of these were short sellers (like yourself) who were getting crushed and have recognized that being short is not the right strategy at the present time.

    I have no clue where ESI shares will trade at today, tomorrow, or the next day. And nor do you. If you were some great seer of the future, you would already be a billionaire many times over and see no need to post here.

    My opinion re ESI is straight forward. Shares are a great long based on risk/return parameters, valuation, and recent fundamental developments which have removed the leading negatives that the shorts have based their positions on.

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    • "You are shorting ESI by buying put options with bid ask spreads of 50%"

      Really? I didn't know that. First, I went short puts, which is long the stock. I did not short ESI. I've said that before. There is too much risk for me to go short the stock. I am playing the long side on the swings.

      Secondly, you don't know what the spread is when I made my trades.

      Thirdly, I don't buy at the ask, nor sell at the bid, unless the spread is really tight.

      I didn't bother reading the rest of your post, as you clearly don't pay attention.

      Again, why do you keep caring enough to reply to me?

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      • 1 Reply to lesspheus
      • less, All you do is get on this board and post ESI shares are a "Strong Sell". Every post. Then you pontificate on who would ever buy the shares when they spike, when they have actually spiked several times in a row now and only gone higher each time. Then you say that shares are going very much lower with no analysis or rationale. You are wasting everyone's time on this board. Post something interesting instead of your day trading junk with options that have massive spreads and no trading volume. No one cares regarding your trading. The reason I respond to your posts is to simply expose your "strong sell" opinion for the baloney that is really is. I read your posts in hopes that one day you will post something that is fundamentally useful. Have not seen anything that qualifies for that yet. Do some real investment work and research.

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