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  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Feb 13, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    This is amazing...wages for graduates....

    Some states publish data on what the average salary rates are for post secondary school gradates. I think that there are 6 states that do this, Virginia being one of them. Check this out from the Virginia salary data, especially the last sentence.

    "Among graduates who live in Virginia, the highest starting wages for a bachelor's degree were $56,400 for graduates of Jefferson College of Health Sciences, a Roanoke school that largely turns out nursing graduates.

    That was 42% higher than the University of Virginia's average of $39,648. Overall, students with associate's degrees in technical fields, such as health care, earned more than recipients of bachelor's degrees. A spokesman for the University of Virginia declined to comment."

    That is amazing! Go get an associates degree (like from ESI) in a technical field (like the areas of specialty that ESI offers - nursing, technology, computers, etc) and on average you will have a higher salary than someone who spends 4 years in college! This is simply evidence that if you study to a specific vocation and specialty, then you are going to be in great shape. This is one of the key attributes of attending programs like ESI offers. You are better doing that than going to a 4 year college.

    And how much disinformation has been spread about regarding ESI, the graduate's wage levels, and the such. It is all a bunch of bunk as the evidence compiled by the States is starting to show. Once this disinformation gets cleared up, the flood of students into these vocational schools is going to go through the roof. The students already know this in effect. That is why ESI has repeatedly said that it has had no drop off in inquiries by prospective students. The difficulty has been that the bad media and disinformation has gotten in the way of converting those prospective students into actual students.

    The message is simple. Go to a vocational school or go to a college to study a profession, like engineering, hotel management (Cornell), architecture, etc.

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    • No wonder why 4 year colleges have no interest in wanting this data to get out into the marketplace. Once everyone gets this message, programs like those at ESI are going to see a flood of applicants. It will probably take a year or so, but the real facts are now starting to come out and the short seller's campaign of disinformation is rapidly coming to an end.

      If you are short ESI, cover fast. Do not hang around. It is going to get real ugly for the short sellers.

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