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  • miz2013zou miz2013zou Jun 19, 2013 1:55 PM Flag

    SOLD OUT @ $24.58

    Thanks for the advice Less

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    • You should have taken your quick gain when you had it. Or even better, if you are watching this closely enough you should have sold into this morning's pop. Look at the 5 day chart. Pop & drop, pop & drop, pop & drop...

      You can do _very_ well trading this stock, but do not marry it. Do not expect it to only go up. The company is still in the midst of a _steep_ multi year decline in earnings with many headwinds that could potentially force it lower.

      The patterns to trade change on this turd, but the past few days have offered great opportunities for buying at the low of a day and then selling into the next morning's pop. I think that ESI buyers are still dreaming each morning when they hit the buy button. Sell into their foolishness.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Nice advice lesspheus "Look at the 5 day chart. Pop & drop, pop & drop, pop & drop..." Really, if you just follow the chart closely, you don't need to know what's actually going on with the company. The chart will tell you everything you need to know to get rich. I wish I had your chart reading abilities. I guess until I learn how to read a 5 day chart, I'll just have to invest based on foolishness like company profits and such.

        Maybe you could put together a little class for all of us fools who are still making our investment decisions on fundamentals. You could call the class "the pop and drop 5 day chart 101." Sign me up buddy!

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