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  • rgi1962 Jun 21, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Game Changer ??

    This is a serious question looking for a serious answer.

    I know most of you are day-traders and on a daily basis the stock is moved by day-traders. But there are people out there who trade on technicals. I've been checking some charts and it appears (underline appears - I'm not 100% sure) that a few days ago, the 50 day moving average (rising) has crossed the 200 day moving average (falling). Technicians call this a Golden Cross which is bullish.

    My question: If this is correct, will it draw in new traders and funds who trade on such things? and, more importantly, will it get the attention of the machines - the High Frequency boys ???

    In short, could this be a game changer ? (today's downgrade not withstanding )

    Big, big questions

    Any answers ????

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    • If there's one thing I know, its that you DO NOT want to cross the 200 day moving average. I crossed him once and he whooped my butt and stole my girlfriend. I think the 50 day moving average should be really scared if it turns out that he did cross the 200 day moving average. However, if he uses the Golden Cross and some holy water, he's got a good chance of survival.

      In all seriousness, I think the questions you ask are too unknowable or too unpredictable to make trading decisions on. I mean, who knows when new traders or funds are going to start trading or even what side they will be trading on. ESI is currently selling at a discount to what they are worth. That's why I bought. When the price gets up to close to what I think ESI is worth ($40 to $60 range), then I will sell. Other than that, who cares what Argus downgrades or upgrades? They are probably corrupt. The timing of the downgrade and the downgrade itself was probably bought and paid for by someone or some entity that will benefit from the temporary drop in share price.

    • Yesterday was a very low volume day with down, people was holding. Tuesday after close is Apol's earning release, will it be a good day on Wednesday or bad day? only two days to find out. Steven Cohen couldn't bring it up with action buy, one unknown Argus brought down with a downgrade. This is the market, when everyone feel the same way, it will go the other way, game changer: Day trading win over buy and hold

      Sentiment: Buy

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