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  • lesspheus lesspheus Jun 25, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    People here love to hate me here

    I know that you all love to hate me here, but I bring you actionable ways to profit in ESI. I keep bringing home the bacon trading this turd stock. In the past couple of days I posted when I just bought and sold 3000 shares for a quick 8.8% profit to bank an extra six grand.

    Today I sold my ESI and specifically said that I did not want to hold it through APOL's earnings. APOL is down nearly 3% right now after earnings. What did I say? You people are married to this turd stock.

    I'm sorry that my dear Yahoo friend, Supra Commander, has fallen under the spell of these ugly stocks.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • There is a way to make money trading ESI. There was almost a $5 move in price today from the top to the bottom. Talk about a high Beta!

    • I doubt anybody here hates you. You aggravate people by claiming to make so much money trading in and out of this stock and acting like the ones who hold for the long term are idiots. Yet, you won't post us your trades to prove it. I don't believe anybody can predict the price action of this (or any) stock on a daily or hourly basis. Much less predict the price action with such accuracy and confidence as your attitude is claiming. Your confidence, frankly, is humorous.

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      • Either you have memory issues or you have not been reading all of my posts. I've posted a few trades. I've also now explained several times that I do not know where the stock will go in the short term and certainly not on an hourly or daily basis. But what I have had great success doing is seeing that the stock has run too far too fast either up or down and is due to move in the other direction. When exactly the turn comes or exactly how far it goes in the other direction, I do not know, but I am close enough to easily scalp several percentage points gains. It was exceedingly obvious to me this past Tuesday that ESI was not going to stay above $28.

        I've made no claims about having "such accuracy". I can see the obvious reversals, though.

    • Y'all still married to ESI? Couldn't part ways for $28+ yesterday? You enjoy being down 6% from where you could have _easily_ sold?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Whats up Less,I will hold at least thru earnings,I am up $21,000 on previous trades (realized gains ).On my unrealized 3000 shares I'm up close to $18,000.This market overall has been unbelievable for me this year $$$$$$$$$$.I'm thinking of hedging soon to protect my gains,Either getting TZA the anti Russell 2000 ETF,or if volitility comes back TVIX or even the anti Financial FAZ these would just be trades for a day or two,I think a sell off is gonna be here soon.

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