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  • drew_stock drew_stock Jul 30, 2003 4:59 PM Flag

    $2.5 positive cash flow

    I see $6 ah.

    Positive cash flow Q403.

    Over 60% growth are new logos.

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    • Look what just crawled from under a rock!
      How was it? did y make friend with the old worms?
      Meet any new interesting worms?
      Grab a beer pull up a chair and tell us all about it
      You are much too kind to have me second in your list
      I'm not wordy!
      When are you going back?

    • Soon it will be rock time you little worm. Remember the CALL OF THE PENNY STOCK. Once a penny stock always a penny stock. This foolish tech run based on hopes not earnings is over and the biggest POS of them all is AKAM.

    • Hey dog,

      Much agreed. It'll be interesting to see the physical evidence and hear the seperate sides of the play by play that night.
      It's amazing this guy could be sitting in prison for years over a one night urge. Just imagine the price tag. Amazing.


    • gooosoxxx...

      i believe the screw thinks you and i are the same..or at least close!!!

      either way..who really cares... one shouldn't get emotional with their stock picks.. but we've probably all been guilty of hanging on to a stock for too long based on some emotion...

      as far as kobe... you know.. i'm not too sure... this whole thing looks really strange... and i'd like to know what kobe told the sheriff/police during the interview...

      if he was honest, and my gut tells me he was.. then this is going to be a he said/she said type of thing... and i'm not sure that you can prove that one way or the other.. short of their being reasonable evidence..

      now..if there are other women who come out and say that they slept with kobe, and his wife didn't know.. then kobe looks like a liar..

      but.. this whole episode will probably wind up costing kobe at least ~$10-30 million... and to be honest..i'm not sure anybody's that good!!!!


    • too funny, I have see your page construction somewhere before
      just can't put my finger on it, maybe I should use my middle one and it will come to me.

    • Hey screwball,

      Your the one that started attacking me for no reason other than posting one message. Your an idiot!

      I'm a strong believer in AKAM in the long run. In the near term I think it's going to sell off if no substantial news comes out. That's my opinion. The stock moved from 1.40 to 4.00 this year. People are going to take a wait and see until another round of earnings and I think the price is going to drift lower.

      Do I make money on every single
      Will I buy this stock again....probably.


      And yes, Kobe is guilty. I'm sure athletes have women coming on to them constantly. She smiled, he said "nobody is looking", he put his hand in the cookie jar, and a one minute decision has turned into a disaster. Read the Jason Williams story - the Bulls. Life turns real quick on one little choice. Although OJ got off, why not Kobe.

    • band-aid on on a bullet wound

    • to the board...

      i apologize for the dribble that i let flow regarding the screw....

      this is a democratic place to post.. and yeah he has a right to say what he chooses...

      but today for some reason.. didn't feel lik letting him go without calling on what he says.. for some reason he appears to have a jones for me...

      but hey.. i'll refrane from commenting on his postings...

      peace out!!

      but ..did kobe do it... was she worth $10-30 million for 30 mins of fun!!!

    • I have much respect for folks that deserve it
      No respect for ones that don't deserve it

      You got to earn respect that is one you just don't give away

      He is a stealthy short, IMO

    • Enough!
      At least USC_DOG has insight and respect (in general)..

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