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  • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Aug 9, 2011 3:22 PM Flag

    sad sad news :)

    >>Maybe those insider sellers knew something.<<

    On the LLNW board, for some while after Limelight's ER, some of the posters suspected Dan of either (1) intentionally hyping LLNW's price up so insiders could dump before ER or (2) unwittingly being used as a conduit for the same purpose.

    Given his blog's timing — exactly one week before Limelight's ER — those conjectures seem highly likely, especially when you remember his timing — exactly one week before Akamai's 2008 Q4 ER — when he announced that Apple was using Limelight for some of its content delivery. Dan had been observing that delivery by Limelight since "the fourth quarter of 08" . . . but DID NOT MENTION it until seven days before Akamai's 2008 Q4 ER.

    A DOUBLE 'coincidence'?

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    • >>A DOUBLE 'coincidence'?<<

      Like I said, Dan doesn't lie, he just arranges his information to make you think stuff that isn't true.

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      • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Aug 10, 2011 2:03 PM Flag

        >>Like I said, Dan doesn't lie, he just arranges his information to make you think stuff that isn't true.<<

        His Netflix claims were not at all believable, especially when his blog source cited (emphasis mine):

        <Technical FOLKS inside Netflix have been telling me . . . .>

        <SOME of the FOLKS I spoke with at Netflix are also the same ONES who told me earlier in the year that Netflix was moving their video traffic off Level 3 and over to Akamai. . . .>

        <. . . I know what I was told from SOME tech FOLKS at Netflix . . . .>


        And then, three days later, wrote in posts here (emphasis mine):

        To me:
        <It was based on additional details and information that the PERSON at Netflix gave me. . . .>

        To tjh930066:
        <As I said in another post, the performance is not just based on those tests but otther details that the PERSON shared with me>

        No court of law would accept those discrepancies. The person was not even 'a person' (among the "folks") but "THE person."

        Other times what he writes can be verified, like Apple using Limelight back then for some of its CDN and now Limelight being acquired. But why did he wait until exactly one week before Akamai's 2008 Q4 ER to announce his discovery that spanned how many months of Q4? And why did he wait until exactly one week before Limelight's ER to announce that Limelight was to be acquired? Surely not because certain investors knew that Limelight's numbers would slaughter its stock, she said sarcastically.

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