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  • pecuniary_emulator pecuniary_emulator Oct 29, 2011 2:08 PM Flag

    VERY on topic - about Occupy Wall Street

    >>I didn't know about the Tunisian suicide. Is it certain the death was a nonpolitical suicide, not done by a 'professional' suicide bomber . . .<<

    Pretty much . . . it was a food cart vendor who felt put upon by local authorities who set himself on fire.

    >>According to Judi McLeod (my first reference), it was being masterminded in NYC and involved Hillary's State Department: . . .<<

    I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary was involved in support but no way could she arrange for the protests and such. The state department just isn't that good.

    >><The Same People Who Created Barack Obama Have Created Occupy Wall Street<<

    I agree with that but these people don't have enough grease to set the entire Middle East on fire.

    >>. . .

    While attempting to give the appearance of a “leaderless” movement, Occupy Wall Street is in fact the result of a very calculating and dangerous organization of radic__i_ed a__i-Americans who have infected U.S. politics at the highest levels of government – including the White House.><<

    The Tides Foundation eh. Good to know.

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