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  • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Sep 4, 2012 5:03 PM Flag

    To all you MIA

    ==I tried what you suggested, but got an error message (several times)...what is supposed to happen ?==

    Hi J Edgar. Unfortunately, nothing could happen for you because you tried too late. Not your fault. The day that the en banc decision was announced is when PE discovered all you guys were posting at Yahoo's new board and you were unaware the old board still existed. So I went to the new board and posted to all y'all that the old board still was up and running like it had been . . . but Yahoo determined you should not receive that information and deleted my post.

    Actually, Yahoo made it invisible. I could see it when I pasted the Permalink in the address bar, but that post NEVER appeared in the post list, so none of you were able to read it.

    PE and I wanted you to know the old board was still active so you could come back and we could all communicate with each other, but Yahoo did ot want you to know that.

    And by the time it occurred to me to use Google to get you to the old board, it was too late because sometime last night Yahoo destructed the old board. That is why you couldn't see what you were supposed to see (the OLD board) by following that Google trail.

    Please, please, please give InvestorVillage (all one compound word) a chance. You will think you are back at the Yahoo board when it was its best ever! You'll need to google for it and then register, but it will be worth it because we'll all be able to communicate EASILY.

    To me, Yahoo's new board is a nightmare. I have to click and click and click in order to get the Reply box to open, and then that thing clogs my computer's memory and I can barely type in it. You should see how long the wheel spins when I try to clear the browser's cache! A day or two ago I had to reboot my computer in order to repossess its memory!!

    What you are reading now, I am writing in a Microsoft Word file to transfer to Yahoo's reply/compose box so I won't have to wait long minutes for a few words to appear.

    Not only is replying difficult on this board, Yahoo has deleted MANY of my attempts to reply to numerous posts. Trying again and again to get past Yahoo's censors is a HUGE waste of valuable time.

    Again, you and tjh and Richard and atrue42long and all the rest of you . . . PLEASE come to InvestorVillage and try it!

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