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  • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Sep 4, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    To all you MIA

    Maybe I figured it out? Maybe . . . in addition to not allowing links . . . this grandly improved Yahoo message board system also does not allow angle brackets to indicate quoting? Alright, I will try again and substitute an equal sign (=) for each angle bracket.

    ==Hey Blondie. Thought I'd try answering here just to see if I can. This is the first post on the board even though it says 1 day and 1 hour old. If I don't pick the right combo of 'view . . . as' the posts don't even fit in the viewing area.==

    Hi PE. I see your post is at the top of the list, meaning it's the most recent, but it says you posted it 46 minutes ago. Oh, I see where you're looking and seeing mine is 1 day and 1 hour old. That's the 'message list' one sees after clicking on 'Message Boards' in ¥'s list of various places linked to AKAM's financial data. After you get 'inside' you then click on your choice of view. I always choose 'List: Messages' and View: Expanded'.

    I just woke up a short while ago. After finding you had reached IV's shore and replying to your post there, and myself feeling like an emigrant from the likes of Cuba (from which I had to swim to reach the new land), I fell instantly asleep from exhaustion due to the stress. Even when I woke up, my head felt like it was splitting. Some water and a few chocolate chips later, my head has stopped hurting. After I post here for a bit, I'll return to IV and reply to your posts there.

    ==To others, try the Investor Village AKAM board. You can get a free subscription if you ask for it, $47 per year if you're willing to pay. It's very similar to the old board.==

    PE is understating it. Investor Village is almost identical to Yahoo's message boards as they were BEFORE Yahoo changed to its 'beta' boards a few years ago.

    1. Remember what the Yahoo boards were like when Yahoo stamped the actual TIME on each post instead of "X minutes X seconds ago"?

    2. Remember what the Yahoo boards were like when Yahoo stated FROM whom each post derived? You knew in an instant WHO was replying to WHOM. You did not need to go slogging through a long thread of posts to find out whether Poster A was talking to you or to someone else. You always knew who was insulting whom. LOL

    Investor Village has PRESERVED that old Yahoo board's wonderful format.

    And it's only IV's 'premium' service that has a fee attached. If all you want is basic (which is all I've ever used there) it is free. As Ameritrade's Stuart explained to Mr. B, 'free' means 'no charge'. :-)

    If you don't know the way to IV, google for it. Yahoo forbids me to let you know the link.

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