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  • d.ssss d.ssss Nov 12, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    Anyone here? Speak up, pro or con

    Your opinion is important. But anyone short is subject to being burned to a crisp. LOL

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    • Get this dog back to 38 and I'm gone. Shorts have something in their genetically modified blood that says "Must go to Zero". That keeps pumping thru their sickola warped metabolism so the relentless, mutant #$%$ shorting continues nonstop. My message is, good luck, NOT.

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      • Shorts are the only reason and using the political uncertainty regarding the "Fiscal Cliff" to scare people to sell. The world is going to end and if it is what good is money going to do? I'll bet on the world not ending and using this as a buying opportunity. Akamai is a sound business and aggressively buying promising upstart companies to grow faster than any competition. Proof is in the earnings! With a billion still in their war chest their really isn't any reason for the stock price to be under $40 now. Take this opportunity to buy some if you already don't own AKAM. They are the king of their space and all the #$%$ regarding competition has not caused them to falter from expanding faster, being the best and having the best business model!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nice gain today so far... Akamai is oversold and I would expect it to bounce back quickly, because all the fundamentals are sound and the recent slide was recent support levels. With any luck and a Fiscal Cliff settlement we could see new highs before Christmas. That is on my Santa's list! LOL

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