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  • berhanuyure berhanuyure Apr 30, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    Creative Accounting

    As most companies in the sector having a hard time to come up with good earnings, this one seemed to be shining. The report smells some creative accounting manipulation. So, be careful folks - no one goes wrong by taking a profit. At this point of time, the big guys are pumping to sell call options high, then dump/short the stock to secure their premium by making it expire worthless. I've no position - Just saying my view and some info. The decision is yours and yours. GL

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    • Well, I'm pretty sure that I speak for all members of this board in thanking you for your charitable work. You state you have no position in AKAM, yet you seem to spend alot of time looking out for our welfare. You could use that time to work in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, but thankfully you have decided to "school" us on this stock, which some, such as myself have owned for more than a decade. I hope you can be generous enough with your time to expand on your comment that "the report smells of creative accounting." Are you referring to the 1 BILLION dollars AKAM has in cash and securities in the bank? Or is it their EPS of $1.27 comapred to LVLT's MINUS $1.66 EPS or LLNW's MINUS $ .33 eps? Is it AKAM's profit margin of 16.33% compared to LVLT's profit margin of MINUS 5.69% or LLNW's profit margin of MINUS 18.25%? Please, you have been so generous, help us understand where the "smell" comes from, and may the good Lord grant you the reward of your goodness.

    • B.S. and you come off as nothing more then a basher. AKAM if anything have been overly conservative in their reporting and giving expectations. The bottom line is that they are killing any so called competition. For you to make wild unfounded comments is careless. I've been following AKAM for years!

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