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  • tears_joy2001 tears_joy2001 Dec 24, 2003 10:38 AM Flag


    That the market finds excuses (one mad cow) to do what it intended to do anyway.

    In this case, GSS needs to get abour $7.50 before next tuesday. Why? Because at least $49 million dollars worth of stock is being purchased at that price on the 30th. Wouldn't do to piss off the big buyers, would it?

    As far as Mad Cow, I have it on good authority, there have been AT LEAST two cases of humans who have DIED in the US from Mad Cow related illness. Just been covered up. Known in the medical industry.

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    • True, two humans have died from a disease related to BSE. However, they were shown to have lived in Great Britain during their BSE heyday and almost certainly contracted their disease over there. There's no cover up. This is widely known.

      As for the other poster, ruminant materials are banned from being fed to other ruminants in the U.S. no matter what the form.

    • Your worry is not justified. GSS and its brokers shorted all the stock your worried about three weeks ago. They got over 8.00 for it. Its been that overhang that has killed us the last three weeks. thanks to Bradford, the great diluter.

    • Tears_joy, and what is amazing is that not only cattle and feeders are limit down, but also hogs and bellies. Are we all going vegetarian?

      The public is kept unaware of so many things that I am not surprised about unreported cases of mad cow. Harv

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      • From Canada I sincerely hope that Americans are not feeding ruminant flesh, bones and blood to their cattle in the form of dietary supplements, etc... Such procedures border on suecide for the industry and only greed for a few extra dollars of profit drives such doubtful policy.. The greed of industry is indeed hard to fanthom by the ordinary thinking citizen...IMO.


      • "The public is kept unaware of so many things that I am not surprised about unreported cases of mad cow."

        The American Dairy Association, and Beef lobbies are VERY powerfull in this country. (Not to mention they run in the same circles as the oil industry execs.) Canada has reported MUCH in the last 20 years, that I know of, that has never seen the light of day in the US.

        Among other things, multi-year studies have shown that the heavy, indiscriminate, use of antibiotics in livestock may be the main reason virius are becoming stronger and "resistant" to treatment. In fact, the human body is showing signs of too much 2nd hand antibiotics, and not responding to treatment.

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