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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Sep 29, 2006 8:42 AM Flag

    C A U T I O N

    Perhaps, but I've not been at loggerheads with that individual and have tried to refrain from foul language and personal attacks.

    It would seem that someone doesn't want y'all to read and digest my thoughts and ideas.

    When someone fears ideas it is darkness that they hold dear.

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    • In his very warped mind, a man who is dieing, clutches at straws. Also if you are a ZIONIST and others speak the truth, the others are a threat.

      The light is always a threat to those in power, unless they act for the benefit of all.

      We have entered a truly "Dark ages" in America, where all but the Zionist will pe persecuted.

      By the way Marshall, Trumen'secretary of State, resigned when Trumen ordered him to create Israel.
      Marshal (of the Marshal plan, post WWII),told Truman that if Israel was created there woulf be fighting for the nect 50 years. Alas Marshal was wrong, there has been fighting for almost sixty years, with no end in sight.

      When the Zionist bomb Israel, there will be peace again.

    • Perhaps if someone dropped in on Sunday dinner, every Sunday, unannounced, interloping with dissertations from the living-room couch on unwanted and off-subject philosophies and opinions, it may induce a modicum of resentment and inspire a person to call the police.

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