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  • tony_schwarz tony_schwarz May 17, 2007 8:22 PM Flag


    As if the sub-prime home/car loans wasn't bad enough.


    Today, Congressman John Doolittle (R-CA) is taking a major step to prevent financial institutions from giving mortgages to illegal aliens by offering an important amendment to H.R. 1427, a bill that seeks to reform the regulation of housing related enterprises sponsored by the federal government (commonly called GSEs).

    The Doolittle Amendment prohibits all mortgage lending enterprises sponsored by the federal government -such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks - from offering residential mortgages to persons who do not posses a valid Social Security number, namely illegal aliens.

    Opponents to the Amendment will argue that legal aliens who are hardworking taxpayers will be unable to purchase a home through these financial institutions if the amendment is passed. This is simply untrue. Anyone who is lawfully authorized to work in the United States is able to apply for a work-authorized Social Security number, regardless if they are a citizen, resident alien or non resident alien.

    The vote on the bill will be coming up this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest. Please call your Congressmen NOW and tell them to join the fight against subsidizing mortgages for illegal aliens by supporting the Doolittle Amendment to H.R. 1427!!!

    To find the phone numbers of your Representatives, go to: .

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    • It is utterly amazing to listen to this Bushie slam anyone who would question 9/11.
      If a person has decided to look at ALL the evidence the 9/11 commission failed or chose to ignore you would have to be stupid not to see more than a few problems.
      Which brings me to my point!!! Michelle Malkin, Fox News and all the other loud mouth talking heads only appeal to DUMMIES!! People who can't think for themseves, but instead rely on MAINSTREAM MEDIA to TELL the TRUTH.
      I have a dream, that history will prove Fox News and all of their scummy hacks lied to the American people for personal gain and allegience to neo-cons that are hell bent on destroying your constitution, will be charged with treason!!!
      I only wish them ILL WILL!!! I hope the rest of their lives are miserable and if there is a GOD that he SMITE them.

    • The partisan electoral contest is no contest at all. It is rigged, from top to bottom. It is only a matter of time before the visibility achieved by Congressman Paul in this campaign is extinguished, and then what?

      We need to build a counter establishment, a counter force to overwhelm and defeat the Big Government establishment that is eating out your substance. How can we do that? How can YOU do that?

      Shall we continue to focus on the rigged partisan electoral game, or will we strike out on a different path where we can play by fair rules and afflict real pain and real costs on our oppressors?

      We vote for playing a different game.

      * We must build a huge army as a counter force to the establishment
      * We must make downsizing ideas visible to everyone, everywhere, every day
      * We must exert inescapable, relentless, resistance-numbing pressure on the powers that be

      We believe these things can only be done by stepping outside the limitations of partisan tribalism. Asking someone to change their partisan loyalties is like asking them to change their religion. But asking them to unite behind specific issues in a downsizing direction is another matter.

      Congressman Paul is showing us that there is a huge untapped market for this message. Let us seize the opportunity.

      That is how we will build the big army, and the powerful counter force. That is how we will get our revenge on the monopolistic establishment. So let us move forward in that direction . . .

      The thing that offends the establishment most about Ron Paul is his savaging of their hypocritical and counter-productive foreign policy. Let us continue Ron Paul's attack. Tell the establishment that you reject their expensive and destructive foreign policy. Tell them to de-authorize the war in Iraq.

      You can do so HERE.

      Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

      Jim Babka
      President, Inc.

    • D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h
      Please share with concerned friends . . .

      Subject: Planning revenge for the downsizer blackout

      America's establishment is America's enemy. We need a counter establishment, a counter force to overwhelm and defeat this "enemy within."

      The toxicity of America's political establishment can be seen most clearly in its response to Congressman Ron Paul's showing in the Republican presidential debates.

      Congressman Paul has spoken strongly for downsizing the scope and expense of The Federal Monopoly. His message has met with a warm reception from the viewers of these debates. In both the MSNBC and Fox debates Congressman Paul's downsizing message has dominated.

      Congressman Paul has won the viewer polls after both debates, and he has become a big hit on the Internet.

      This is strong evidence that the downsizing message could triumph, if only it could be heard. The establishment knows this, and it scares them. Their fear can be seen in their response to Congressman Paul.

      The establishment journalists on Fox News just couldn't wait to attack Ron Paul after the debate ended. They sneered at him. They called him an embarrassment.

      One Fox News reporter talked about how Republican leaders would move to restrict participation in future debates in order to eliminate Congressman Paul.

      Then the poll results started coming in, with Congressman Paul way out in front. Sean Hannity was shocked and offended that so many Americans would prefer Paul's downsizing message to that of the establishment's preferred Big Government candidates.

      Sean Hannity showered love and praise on the establishment candidates, but he attacked Congressman Paul, and rudely talked over him in the post debate interview.

      And it wasn't just Fox News that recoiled at Paul's downsizer message. The establishment commentators on CNN also called Congressman Paul an "embarrassment" and said he should be removed from future debates.

      Be under no illusions. The fix is in. The establishment will do everything it can to silence Congressman Paul's message, lest more Americans hear it and rally to the downsizing cause.

      This isn't a matter of conscious conspiracy, it is simply a matter of people being who they are and pursuing their own self interest. The establishment political cartel and the establishment media have a self-interest in promoting Big Government.

      And so they do . . . with a vengeance.

      So isn't it important for you to plan how you will balance the scales? Don't we need a little vengeance of our own?

    • Go away. Message bord for GSS.

    • I see this as a left-handed way to make having a socialist security number mandatory when right now it isn't.

      Further making one have a socialist security number if established in the fashion described will not dampen illegal immigration.

    • European debt created fractional reserve paper?? hmmmmmmm

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