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  • foodog_foofighter foodog_foofighter Aug 16, 2007 7:33 AM Flag

    All paper will burn.

    All truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it's accepted as being self-evident."
    --Arthur Schopenhauer

    Over the years I have learned much, that frankly was not within my so called belief system. That belief system is of course what you and your peers have been taught since you were very small. To put it mildly, your schooling has been mostly lies and half truths.

    As you go through life, try and remember to always think of the guy who said, do unto others as you would have done onto yourself. Had we remained under a system of laws rather than very powerful and rich persons, this country would have remained a bastion of freedom.

    Remember the line, "let the buyer beware" guide you in life, and if you hope to have a better one going forward, you had best learn to think past your nose.

    The people who post information that could wake you up are many, the few, or the one, who wishes to silence them, wishes to decieve and confuse.

    Consider them as your fellow learners in this life, and freely use the ignore feature. The only warning is the one from another wise man of old. "What you don't know will not hurt you, its what you know, that is not so, that will hurt you."

    Gold and silver as money have been around forever, and at least 1200 times in history fiat paper has been tried to replace them. (they all burned)

    So far as I can see, a real bit of wealth in the hand, always beats a promise to pay from the pirates who fly the skull and bones!

    Consider what you will need, and then buy gold and silver to trade for those things you forgot, as the fiat fake world is burning, and its time to wake up from your dreams.

    You may object from thinking about politics, but lets say you are sheep, who finds talk of wolves fearful. Those wolves I speak of, run the show, and they intend to continue to fleece you and your childrens children as long as they can.

    That is the law of the slave masters, education of slaves is the last thing they wish!

    "The makers of our constitution undertook to secure conditions
    favorable to the pursuit of happiness... They sought to protect
    Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and
    their sensations. They conferred, as against the government,
    the right to be let alone -- the most comprehensive of the rights
    and the right most valued by civilized men."
    -- Justice Louis D. Brandeis
    (1856-1941) US Supreme Court Justice
    Source: Olmstead v. United States, 1928


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    • Congressman: Dollar Could Collapse To Absolute Zero
      Presidential candidate Ron Paul warns of coming global economic depression

      Sounds like all paper will burn to me!

    • AP
      BofA Invests $2 Billion in Countrywide
      Thursday August 23, 4:42 am ET
      By Alex Veiga, AP Business Writer
      Countrywide Financial Says Bank of America Made Equity Investment of $2 Billion Into Company

      LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Countrywide Financial Corp. said Bank of America Corp. made a $2 billion investment in the company Wednesday as the nation's largest mortgage lender tries to weather a credit crunch that's rocked Wall Street and the mortgage industry.


      August 21, 2007

      Fighting Back

      Make no mistake, the intent of the recent silver sell-off, was to liquidate as many leveraged traders as possible. It not only applied to silver, but many other commodities and currencies. A quick review of the Commitment of Traders (COT) market structure in the markets involved shows that whatever side the large non-commercial speculators (hedge funds and other traders) were most heavily weighted, the markets moved sharply the other way. Thus, the price moves in a great number of seemingly unrelated markets, from metals to soybeans to oil, moved against the large speculators. It was a perfectly executed campaign against the speculators.

      Without question, the campaign was as much a resounding success for the commercial traders as it was a crushing defeat for the speculators. This can be seen in the record trading volumes and price violence. We must wait for the next COT reports in these commodities to see just how large a clean out occurred, but I am sure it was significant, especially in silver.

      Silver experienced the most extreme and violent sell off of all. On a percentage basis, silver�s price fell the most of any market. Silver was more oversold than at any point in its history, according Relative Strength Indicators (RSI) and the amount by which silver fell below its moving averages.

      The silver manipulators were ready and able to take unfair advantage of the weakness in other markets to collusively pull their bids in silver in order to let the price plummet and force leveraged traders to cough up long positions.

      Absolutely nothing in the world of supply and demand was responsible for the big silver price sell-off. There was no big production increases, or fall-off in demand. Inventories didn�t change. This was all about paper contract shuffling.

    • Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

      • 1 Reply to ronboland2605
      • Great song. Here are the lyrics:

        Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (from Monty Python)
        words and music by Eric Idle

        Some things in life are bad
        They can really make you mad
        Other things just make you swear and curse.
        When you're chewing on life's gristle
        Don't grumble, give a whistle
        And this'll help things turn out for the best...

        And...always look on the bright side of life...
        Always look on the light side of life...

        If life seems jolly rotten
        There's something you've forgotten
        And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
        When you're feeling in the dumps
        Don't be silly chumps
        Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing.

        And...always look on the bright side of life...
        Always look on the light side of life...

        For life is quite absurd
        And death's the final word
        You must always face the curtain with a bow.
        Forget about your sin - give the audience a grin
        Enjoy it - it's your last chance anyhow.

        So always look on the bright side of death
        Just before you draw your terminal breath

        Life's a piece of shit
        When you look at it
        Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true.
        You'll see it's all a show
        Keep 'em laughing as you go
        Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

        And always look on the bright side of life...
        Always look on the right side of life...
        (Come on guys, cheer up!)
        Always look on the bright side of life...
        Always look on the bright side of life...
        (Worse things happen at sea, you know.)
        Always look on the bright side of life...
        (I mean - what have you got to lose?)
        (You know, you come from nothing - you're going back to nothing.
        What have you lost? Nothing!)
        Always look on the right side of life...

    • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Aug 21, 2007 10:55 AM Flag

      Amen!, brother, Amen!

      Remember, too, that this was before the fraudulently imposed 17th Amendment, when the States selected their Senators to represent them and they were not elected by the people, whose interests were supposed to be addressed by the House.

    • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Aug 21, 2007 10:49 AM Flag

      I've read several books on Lee and even have an older edition of his various letters during and after the war.

      The absolute best book on the battle of Gettysburg that I've read is:

    • USA 1861:.. I really enjoy the words of Jefferson Davies in his "Farewell Address" as he stated to the Senate why Missippi was succeeding from the Union. He was very clear, he was also very correct in his times, he was representing his State and he was doing what he was elected to do.. Wouldn't it be great to have more representatives of his caliber in the Senate today.. and other positions of importance, instead of so many Quislings?


    • "Where is it written in the Constitution,
      in what article or section is it contained,
      that you may take children from their parents
      and parents from their children, and compel them
      to fight the battles of any war in which the folly
      and wickedness of the government may engage itself?
      Under what concealment has this power lain hidden,
      which now for the first time comes forth,
      with a tremendous and baleful aspect, to trample down
      and destroy the dearest right of personal liberty?
      Who will show me any Constitutional injunction
      which makes it the duty of the American people
      to surrender everything valuable in life,
      and even life, itself, whenever the purposes of
      an ambitious and mischievous government may require it? ...
      A free government with an uncontrolled power
      of military conscription is the most ridiculous
      and abominable contradiction and nonsense
      that ever entered into the heads of men."
      -- Daniel Webster
      (1782-1852), US Senator
      Source: Speech in the House of Representatives, January 14, 1814

    • see moses, you and millions others have walked through the gates of HEAVEN and never raalized it. You let the LORD and a bunch of ANGELS take a hard look at the situation.
      This guy does own this site.


    • Would enjoy sitting down with some lager and discussing the Civil with you Moses.

      I have read Gen. E.P. Alexander's book. Like so many of their time quite the Gentlemen and Soldier.
      "The Long Arm of Lee" is a great read.

      I'm presently reading (for a second time) "That Devil Forrest" by Wyeth. Also, "The Seven Days" a Time Life book.

      I reco you read one of the best Civil War books I've been
      fortunate enough to library. "Bold Dragoon" the life of
      J.E.B. Stuart. A most colorful read.


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