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  • pwrofone1111 pwrofone1111 Nov 25, 2007 9:04 AM Flag


    Friday, November 23, 2007
    101 Reasons to Support Ron Paul

    1. He Supports the Constitution. (Wow Go Figure!)
    2. He Believes In Religious Freedom.
    3. He Has Never Voted For A Tax Increase.
    4. He Is Against Public Funding Of Abortion.
    5. He Is Against Funding Abortion Abroad.
    6. He Is Against The National I.D. or Real I.D. Act.
    7. He Believes In The "Just War Theory".
    8. He Supports The Rights Of Private Property Owners.
    9. He Wants Us Out Of The U.N.
    10. He Wants Us To Trade With Nations And Not War With Them.
    11. He Is For 2nd Amendment Rights.
    12. He Opposes NAIS.
    13. He Wants To Shrink The Federal Government, Not Expand It.
    14. He Has No Plans To Start A War With Iran Or Anyone Else.
    15. He Wants To Bring Our Troops Home.
    16. He Does Not Belong To The CFR (Council On Foreign Relations).
    17. He Has Not Received Campaign Contributions From Rupert Murdoch
    (Like Hillary).
    18. His Running Mate Most Likely Will Not Have Shot Anyone In The Face.
    19. He Wants To End The I.R.S..
    20. He Wants To Cut Spending?? Really, Cut Spending.
    21. He Is Against Eminent Domain.
    22. He Is Against The NAFTA Superhighway.
    23. He Is Against The North American Union Or SPP (It Exists Google It).
    24. He Is For The Principle Of Sound Money.
    25. He Is Against The Idea of The Amero (Google It).

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