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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Nov 21, 2007 9:52 PM Flag


    To the Editor

    I read Mona Charen�s column on Friday and I had to clear a few things up. Outside of the name-calling (�kook,� as I�m sure you remember, was the attack word of choice used by critics of Barry Goldwater), Charen was way off base.

    1. Dr. Paul�s commitment to principle is second to none, so to attack him, Charen twists the understanding of what a presidential pardon really is. A pardon is a constitutional check by the executive branch on the judiciary to protect against cruel or unusual punishment. When considering a pardon, a president examines extenuating circumstances to decide whether a punishment for a conviction under the law was unjust. Scooter Libby was convicted of a crime; that is not the issue here. Dr. Paul is not sympathetic to issuing him a pardon because he finds Libby an unsympathetic character. There is nothing inconsistent here. President Bush, who has issued the fewest pardons of any president since World War II, hasn�t pardoned Libby either, by the way.

    2. If Charen paid much attention to the campaign, she would know that Dr. Paul never utters the word �isolationist� except to explain why he is not one. He believes in the foreign policy of the founders: peace, commerce, and open friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none. When he references Nixon and Eisenhower, he is clearly talking about past successful Republican campaign strategies, not what they did in office. Eisenhower campaigned to end the Korean War, Nixon to get us out of Vietnam. Dr. Paul argues that the GOP can only win in 2008 with a candidate who will bring hope troops form Iraq. Last I checked, many National Review readers cared a thing or two about Republicans winning elections.

    3. Ron Paul is dead serious and very sober about what it will take to reform things like our oppressive tax system. Clearly, a Paul administration cannot end the IRS on January 29, 2009. Ending the income tax, a goal all real conservatives should share, would take major cooperation with the Congress. But, with honest communication and a lot of hard work, Dr. Paul knows that we can end the end the income tax over the course of just a few years. Over half of federal government revenue presently comes from sources other than the income tax. The United States could end the IRS and still fund the same level of big government we had less than ten years ago. There is nothing �unserious� about that.

    4. Dr. Paul is a modest man with a sparkling record and unimpeachable personal integrity. I understand why you need to attack him by linking him to less-than-savory individuals (there is simply nothing else to use), but it is just not going to work. Some of your charges are silly. Dr. Paul�s �Texas Straight Talk Column,� for example, is public record and anyone, from the American Free Press to Cat Fancy, has the right to reprint it.

    Yes, Ron appears on the Alex Jones radio program. But you know who else talks to Alex Jones? People like Judge Anthony Napolitano. Guess who hosts Alex Jones? FOX�s John Gibson and National Public Radio. Dr. Paul has said time and again that he does not believe 9/11 was an inside job. He does, however, think we should always question authority. When, by the way, were conservatives supposed to become trusting of big government?

    Dr. Paul stands for freedom, peace, prosperity, and the protection of inalienable individual rights. He knows that liberty is the antidote for racism, anti-Semitism, and other small minded ideologies. Dr. Paul has focused all of his energy on winning the presidency so he can cut the size of government and protect the freedom of every American.

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    • Crisis brings out the “experts”
      Wake up to the dangers of a deepening crisis
      By Lawrence Summers | November 25 2007 18:51
      “Three months ago it was reasonable to expect that the subprime credit crisis would be a financially significant event but not one that would threaten the overall pattern of economic growth. This is still a possible outcome but no longer the preponderant probability.
      Even if necessary changes in policy are implemented, the odds now favour a US recession that slows growth significantly on a global basis. Without stronger policy responses than have been observed to date, moreover, there is the risk that the adverse impacts will be felt for the rest of this decade and beyond.
      Several streams of data indicate how much more serious the situation is than was clear a few months ago…

      What concrete steps are necessary?”

    • Top police officer warns that nuclear attack is inevitable
      By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor
      Scotland must prepare for ‘absolute terror’



    • 101. He Is Our Last Hope For A Free Nation.

      Posted by The_West on 11/23/2007


      baja beagle said...

      Anyone who doesn't support him is in one of the following categories:

      1. A clueless moron.

      2. Makes a living by lying, cheating, and/or stealing, or some other form of immoral conduct, or is dependent on such a person.

      3. Lives under the threat of blackmail from persons in category two.

      4. A Zionist.

    • 76. He Is Against Selective Service Registration.
      77. He Is Against A Mandatory Draft.
      78. He Is Still Not Married To Hillary.
      79. He Has The Support Of The Youth.
      80. His Campaign Has People Across The Country Motivated.
      81. His Supporters Are Enthusiastic.
      82. He Is Educated.
      83. He Wants To Apply The Golden Rule In Government (How Radical).
      84. He Believes in Freedom Of Speech.
      85. He Believes In Individual Rights
      86. He Believes Those Rights Come From Our Creator.
      87. He Does Not "Move With The Herd".
      88. He Has Delivered Over 4,000 Babies And Values Life.
      89. He Doesn't Have To "Act The Part" Because He Is What He Is.
      90. He Has Not Waffled On The Abortion Issue As Every Other
      Republican Candidate.
      91. He Has Faced Tremendous Opposition With Dignity.
      92. He Is Optimistic
      93. He Values The Traditions That Have Kept Us Free.
      94. He Understands That Monopolies Are Bad Things.
      95. He Understands The Difference Between Individual And Government
      96. He Understands Inflation Is Not Just The Prices Going Up, But
      Rather The Value Of Money Going Down.
      97. You Will Feel Good About Your Vote For A Change.
      98. You Will Know You Have Done The Right Thing.
      99. For The First Time In A Long Time, You Will Not Be Voting "For The Least Worst".
      100. You Will Help Undo The Damage Done To Our Country Over The Last
      Several Decades.

    • 51. He Tells It Like It Is. He Is Truthful.
      52. He Reads.
      53. As A Doctor, He Is Informed On The Healthcare Issue.
      54. He Has Not Been Hannitized.
      55. He Has The Courage To Speak Out Against What Is Wrong.
      56. He Will Be Good For The Economy (Freedom Generally Is Good For
      The Economy).
      57. He Wants Us Out Of The WTO And Like Organizations.
      58. The I.R.S. Is Scared Of This Guy.
      59. He Is Smart Enough To Prefer Gold Over Paper.
      60. He Knows The Term FIAT-CURRENCY and knows what it means.
      61. He Wants To Secure Our Borders.
      62. He Favors Guarding Our Country Over Policing The World.
      63. He Opposed The War In Iraq From The Beginning.
      64. He Authorized The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden.
      65. He Believes Local Governments Are Better Suited To Handle Their Own Issues.
      66. He Is Willing To Listen And Reason With Others.
      67. He Is A Christian Who Believes Christ Was Right When He Said,
      "Blessed Are The Peacemakers".
      68. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
      69. He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
      70. He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
      71. He has never taken a government-paid junket.
      72. He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
      73. He voted against regulating the Internet.
      74. He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
      75. He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to
      the U.S. treasury every year.

    • 26. He Is Against The Federal Reserve's Monopoly On Monetary Regulation.
      27. He Is Philosophically Opposed To Big Government.
      28. He Voted Against The Misnamed Patriot Act That Stripped Us Of Our Rights.
      29. He Is For The Bill Of Rights.
      30. He Knows The Meaning Of Liberty.
      31. He Was 1 Of 4 People That Supported Reagan Early On.
      32. He Has Been Married For 50 Years, Which Is An Achievement These Days.
      33. He Is Not Married To Hillary.
      34. His Supporters Love Him.
      35. He Is A Once In A Lifetime Candidate.
      36. Because His Record Is Consistent.
      37. He Is Against Funding The So-Called War On Drugs (Another Unsuccessful War).
      38. He Is Actually Against Funding Many Unsuccessful Federal Programs.
      39. He Does Not Want To Ruin Healthcare By Nationalizing It, (LikeHillary, Obama, et al.)
      40. He Is A Student Of History.
      41. He Votes In Accordance With The Constitution.
      42. He Will Not Forcibly Implant Us Or Our Troops With Microchips Or
      Like Devices (It's For Your Safety, Of Course).
      43. He Is The Only Conservative, In The Traditional Sense, Left.
      44. Republicans Love Him Because He Is For Small Government.
      45. Democrats Love Him Because He Will End The War For Oil.
      46. Libertarians Love Him Because He Wants The Government Out Of Their Business.
      47. He Is The Only Electable Republican Candidate.
      48. He is Against The Creation Of A Surveillance Society (See London).
      49. He Supports Homeschool Rights.
      50. He Wants To End The Corporate Welfare System That Is Destroying
      Our Government's Credibility.

    • Friday, November 23, 2007
      101 Reasons to Support Ron Paul

      1. He Supports the Constitution. (Wow Go Figure!)
      2. He Believes In Religious Freedom.
      3. He Has Never Voted For A Tax Increase.
      4. He Is Against Public Funding Of Abortion.
      5. He Is Against Funding Abortion Abroad.
      6. He Is Against The National I.D. or Real I.D. Act.
      7. He Believes In The "Just War Theory".
      8. He Supports The Rights Of Private Property Owners.
      9. He Wants Us Out Of The U.N.
      10. He Wants Us To Trade With Nations And Not War With Them.
      11. He Is For 2nd Amendment Rights.
      12. He Opposes NAIS.
      13. He Wants To Shrink The Federal Government, Not Expand It.
      14. He Has No Plans To Start A War With Iran Or Anyone Else.
      15. He Wants To Bring Our Troops Home.
      16. He Does Not Belong To The CFR (Council On Foreign Relations).
      17. He Has Not Received Campaign Contributions From Rupert Murdoch
      (Like Hillary).
      18. His Running Mate Most Likely Will Not Have Shot Anyone In The Face.
      19. He Wants To End The I.R.S..
      20. He Wants To Cut Spending?? Really, Cut Spending.
      21. He Is Against Eminent Domain.
      22. He Is Against The NAFTA Superhighway.
      23. He Is Against The North American Union Or SPP (It Exists Google It).
      24. He Is For The Principle Of Sound Money.
      25. He Is Against The Idea of The Amero (Google It).

    • Mo, the fall of the roman empire is at hand. america is going down. why to you continue to talk about this individual freedom crap. man is a selfish creature and always will be. I'm surprised you maintain these delusions common to an adolescent. why don't you just re-read catcher in the rye and stop this nonsense. the wise man knoes the world he lives in.apply some of your experience. in other words. grow up. ron paul isn't going to change a damn thing. the wheels are set in motion. america is going down.

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      • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Nov 22, 2007 11:14 AM Flag

        I've never been a defeatist and wouldn't know where to begin were I even interested in starting.

        It's like being down a score with less than a minute remaining, having the ball on your own 30. There's a chance you can win. It'll take effort, commitment and perhaps some luck; but it is doable. That is the sort of message that I want to project. Failure tastes much worse when you give up any chance to succeed.

        America may indeed be in for cataclysmic change. Some will need to remember what she was supposed to be and yearn for the promise that she had before the poison of collectivism was injected into her.

      • you the best ..ho.

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