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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 Dec 11, 2007 5:29 PM Flag

    New Ron Paul Radio ad...End the IRS

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    • read about this man sentenced to death by drinking a cup of Hemlock. His crime, "corupting the youth."

      His city state was loosing the war ... he felt it was pointless to sacrifice and support a goddess that was not helping win the war, and he said so.

      He had much to say about the truth and "know thyself."

      2500 years later mankind has made no progress, but a dramatic change is in the wind!


    • 2007-Sep-27
      Repeal the fraudulent "Protect America Act"

      E-mail to a friend Tell your friends about this campaign!
      If you already know the case against the so-called "Protect America Act" you can skip to the Message to Congress form below.

      First, President Bush broke the law. He authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to conspire with major telecom companies to monitor the phone calls and emails of American citizens without a warrant. This was a direct violation of federal law and the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

      Many people say that, "Innocent Americans have nothing to fear from illegal government surveillance, so why get upset about it?" This objection completely ignores history. Politicians have repeatedly used such surveillance to harass domestic political foes. Indeed, one of the most striking revelations of the recently released "Family Jewels" documents from the CIA, is just how common such abuses have been. All administrations have been guilty of these abuses, Democrat and Republican. And the FBI has an even more notorious history of such abuses. And the evidence of abuse just continues to mount.

      It must be understood that no one objects to the NSA conducting covert surveillance in order to combat terrorism. Our objection is that the Constitution requires a warrant for any such surveillance that involves a U.S. citizen. That is all we are asking, that the Constitution be obeyed.

    • Greenspan sees early signs of U.S. stagflation


      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. economy is showing early signs of stagflation as growth threatens to stall while food and energy prices soar, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said on Sunday…

      Last week, U.S. data showed that wholesale inflation rose at the highest rate in 34 years, while consumer prices rose the most in more than two years.

      ^_(from hyperlink)_^

      When we had stagflation in the 1970’s, the price of gold rose 20x from $35 - $40 per ounce price level at the beginning of the decade to $850 at the end. It is said that history doesn’t necessarily repeat, but it often rhymes. That being the case, if current events rhyme, might we reasonably expect the current $800 price level to give way to something closer to $16,000 in the not too distant future?

      I certainly would not rule it out.


    • Paul's Progress

      Good news and bad about presidential hopeful (and local favorite) Ron Paul. On the good side, he's raised $6 million in a 24-hour campaign. On the bad side, there's a report that the elitists may be quite literally gunning for Paul.

      The Runs - Other

      "Hillary Clinton vows not to quit." Too bad.

      IR Traned

      OK, so the Ingersoll-Rand purchase of Trane for $10.1 billion is not by itself a great bit of news, But, gee whiz, I love to write headlines like that one. I R Traned - LOL - more coffee wouldja?

      (Hmmm... 'wouldja' is not flagged as about them apples?)

      UN Climate Talks.

      A genuine story about climate breakdown..

      Iran's Glowing Future

      First shipment of enriched uranium from Russia has been sent to the paradoxically named nuke site at Bushehr.


      24 internet cafes in Iran have been shut down - as enforcement of Islamic behavior codes intensifies. OK, so here in the West we have bankers pulling wool, but at least we can play GTA, right?

      Russia's True Colors?

      Seems president Vlad is acting more like the Impaler, sticking a rival in a psychiatric wars "to prevent him from protesting against government."

      Meantime, more talk about the US missiles being placed in Poland - and how they make the Kremlin bosses angry. About like we'd feel if Russia put anti-missile technology into Mexico or Canada.

      OK, lemme see: Uranium for Iran, locking up political opposition and pushing back on anti-missile systems. What kind of poster-boy for the elite have we?

      ----- clip and save section ----

      Coping: Why Little Renewable Energy

      Matt Savinar's latest is a must read "Why aren't the big investment banks investing more money in renewable energy?"

      Last Word on Back Packs and Biking

      "Dear George,

      May I humbly offer the following comments about a 50-pound backpack and a bicycle.

      The average adult male or female can walk between 3 to 3.6 miles per hour if they are in average physical condition and if they are not carrying a load or pushing a cart or buggy. If the person is carrying a weight in excess of 5 pounds then the distance taken with each step decreases in order to maintain body balance and minimize fatigue.

      Depending on the person, the average adult pace varies between 27 to 34 inches unencumbered. If the person is carrying a load between 5 to 35 pounds each step is approximately 4 inches less. Between 35 to 50 pounds each step is an additional 6 inches less (or a total of 10 inches less than unencumbered). Fatigue also becomes a significant factor when the load exceeds 35 pounds. Therefore the average person carrying a 35-pound load will walk between 2.6 to 3.1 miles per hour (12 percent reduction in total distance). A person carrying a 50-pound load will walk between 2.0 to 2.4 miles per hour (32 percent reduction in total distance).

    • Folks, lets email the radio ad to everyone on our contact lists..

    • It was stated in another article that I recently read that Ron Paul is no longer running for President. His campaign has been hijacked. It is now the people of the United States who are running for President, with Paul as their point man. I think that is a very astute observation.

      One problem that I can foresee with today's fund raising is that it is on a Sunday, which is a day away from the office computer for many. Even if he raises another staggeringly impressive sum, it may not top the previous $4.2 million dollar day. This will give the terrified right wingnut Hannitys, Limbaughs and Coulters a lever to point out a slowing of support for Paul... since all they understand is the power that money offers.

      Lets try to not give them that lame bit of media leverage. Support Ron TODAY, if you can. Its important.


    • Ron Paul pushed on CNN by Charles Goyette

    • Smoke, Mirrors, and Advertising

      Oh, oh. George is on a Saturday morning rant: Once in a while, a story comes along that is so fundamentally important, yet covered by so few in MainStreamMedia/LameStreamMedia for its true significance, that it demands a further airing here along with a little personal commentary and common sense.

      Such a story, and quite well written at that, is found under the AP headline "Execs: Web Ad Spending Should be Higher:' which then continues, as Internet ad market grows, Advertisers want better Audience Measures.


      Now let's do what a TV producer would call a jump cut. What I do for a living, when I am not writing about the pending problems for the economy, is serve as a sales and marketing consultant for a couple of really neat companies (as well as a few individuals) - including the world's first online machine shop,. and a dandy new high-end tequila.

      No, this is not a chance of do a free ad for my services (well, OK, it is...) but I want to explain that one of the key values I bring to my clients is the simple notion that good management, of the "what gets measured gets done" type, argues that if money spent on advertising and public relations doesn't result in a measurable improvement in sales, then it gets axed.

      Needless to say, this viewpoint has gotten me into many a long and sometimes heated discussion with advertising and PR firms who have worked for past consulting clients, but the evidence is very clear to me that we now live in what I'd label as a "direct response" world, and the days when a company could engage in 'institutional advertising' are long gone.

      The difference between direct response and institutional is worth noting. There was actually a time in the US when people did business with companies because they were institutions. My parents, for example, had two bank accounts when I was growing up; One at Washington Mutual's West Seattle branch, which was close to the fire station he ran. The other was the old Seattle First National Bank, which later became one of the umpteen Bank of America acquisitions.

      These banks were local "institutions" in Seattle in the 1950's and 1960's. They would advertise not so much to drum up new business, but to continue their 'institutionalness" if I can coin a word properly at this hour.

      At the other end of the spectrum, we had direct response marketing beginning to appear in the 1960's. The objective of direct response is to get a consumer to take an immediate action right now and it was best demonstrated with the huge success of gadgeteer king Ron Popeil's firm Ronco, and the "Call now, operators are standing by, this is a free call" pioneering of Philip Kives' K-tel.

      Having spent years in the broadcasting business, I was always fascinated by the adroit way that slick media salespersons would justify a particular ad campaign's NOT working. "You can't expect a large response on Seafair hydroplane weekend," or "It was raining, and you know people don't come out when it's raining..." In Seattle? Gimme a break!


    • Friday, December 14, 2007
      The helicopters start to drop money

      Published: December 12 2007 18:01 | Last updated: December 12 2007 18:01

      The central bank helicopters are planning a co-ordinated drop of liquidity on troubled market waters. The money to be dropped now is not that large. But if this does not work, more will surely follow. The helicopters will fly again and again and again.

      One point is clear: central banks must be pretty worried to take such a joint action. For what is remarkable about Wednesday’s statement is that five central banks – the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve and the Swiss National Bank – are co-ordinating their (different) interventions. Their hope must be that this action will trigger not panic (”what do the central banks know that I do not?”) but confidence (”now that the central banks are prepared to intervene in this way, I can at last stop worrying”).

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