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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 Dec 18, 2007 10:19 PM Flag

    Ron Paul speaks out against the NWO on Glenn Beck!!!

    Ron Paul exposing the NWO and world government on Glenn Beck.

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    • Wednesday, December 19, 2007
      How MSNBC mixes truth with lies

      Hamas seeks truce talks with Israel
      Gaza has Hamas, but it also has members of Islamic Jihad, which is connected with Fatah collaborators, and has very loose ties with Iran. Islamic Jihad includes its armed wing, the Al-Quds Brigades. There is also the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, which is somewhat independent, but also has ties with Fatah.

      The Israeli media wants you to confuse all these groups with the democratically-elected Hamas. Israel fears Hamas because Hamas is extremely popular. Why? The Hamas humanitarian network is outstanding (or it was until Israel cut off all funding.)

      Israel does not want its puppet Abbas to have any rivals from Islamic Jihad. Therefore last night and today, Israel conducted three air strikes in Gaza, killing nine members of Islamic Jihad, including the leader, Majed Harazin. (Israel also murdered three other Palestinians in southern Gaza today.)

      In an e-mail sent to reporters, Islamic Jihad said it would retaliate with "suicide" attacks inside Israel, threatening “a wave of martyrdom operations.”

      The Israeli media will blame any such attacks on Hamas. The masses of the world will buy this lie.

      Islamic Jihad -- not Hamas -- launches all of the Qassam rockets by its own admission. However the ignorant masses of the world assume that Hamas launches them.

    • " This morning, on word that foreclosure filings were up 68% in November compared with a year ago, the futures are are pointing (as I write this) to a lower open.


      Not that there aren't plenty of ways to make money, if you have the future clearly in focus.

      For example, I closed out a wheat (commodity) option position this week for a 3.5X return in my commodity account since I got back into active trading in July. And I picked up a handful of options in another commodity which I figure has the potential to return north of $30,000 per option for each thousand or so invested, over the next 4-5 months. It's a long shot, but what the hell, it's only paper.

      It's not like my trading is any kind of secret: I told you quite specifically about my wheat option entry in the Saturday November 3, 2007 update: "Nevertheless, that's an investment that has worked out just dandy. I waded back into mid 2008 grain yesterday on the commodity side - and more on that tomorrow for Peoplenomics subscribers."

      I also have told you several times that the predictive linguistics work over at was screaming higher grain prices in 2008 - and quick, look surprised, this morning wheat is still marching up to records and all this at a time when the UN says world food stocks are getting dangerously low.

      Not that the HPH folks have ever claimed to have a literal time machine. But, using language shift around the internet, using the same collection techniques employed by search engine spidering, does seem to have at least some predictive value. A 3.5X return in my personal account since July sounds dandy, but those could easily turn around, so I'm not getting excited about it yet. Let's see how the next one plays.


      There's a huge global paradigm shift going on right now and although the cheerleading section (stock shills) down on Wall St. figures 'some stocks are cheap' at these prices, it still doesn't look that way to me. Nevertheless, if you insist on complications in your own life, enjoy them. I figure if you're in stocks, odds are your are percent sign (%) oriented. If you're in commodities, the times sign (* or X) is the focus.


      The new paradigm is about sufficiency, self-reliance, and living in harmony with environmental constraints. That's where humans are going. The corpgov old paradigm holds that a little more energy, a lower interest rate will solve all ills, which is a pant load, as you've no doubt figured out for yourself. If you want a kick-a** case study, just see how the public embraced the first high-quality hybrid that came along - surprising the hell out of 'old way' corporate thinking.

      But ECB/Fed-think is that all we need to do is print up some additional cash - say half a trillion worth - and everything will be OK. Right.. But as revealed in this morning's chart is that half a trillion dollars worth of liquidity is not going to stem the tide of change. At best, it is a holding action until the next crisis comes along, or the one after that, or the world gets into a 'blow up' condition; but not to worry, that's not really due until October of 2008.

      In the meantime, you can find academic references to self organizing, collective problem solving in some of the most interesting places. Like Los Alamos National Laboratory, just as one for instance. A visit there turns us on to:"

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