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  • goaheadandrefuse goaheadandrefuse Jul 28, 2008 7:44 PM Flag

    Stock Shorting needs to be banned!

    Yes it does!

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    • Stock Shorting is Unethical unless it's done in an ethical manner.. At present, if you leave your stock certificate with your broker he can lend it to someone who want's to short sell your stock.. he makes a broker fee to lend your share (facilitate the short sale)and you only get a lower price for your stock as the possible result, in the near term anyway..

      If Shorting was ethical, you the stock holder should at least get something for lending your share. Which you presently do not..

      Naked Shorting is pure Wild West where unscrupulous institutions are allowed to Borrow? non existing shares and short the market with them.. This relates to the mentality of the Federal Reserve Bank itself, where it creates money out of nothing..

      So, I suppose if they can do it why shouldn't the Broker do it too?

      Such is the case where Black is White and Right is Wrong.. As in 1984.. IMO.


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